Hello listeners. The Museum and Art Gallery in Swindon’s Old Town has had a changeover in its exhibition. As indeed it is wont to do. The current exhibition bears the title: Gifted! And is well worth popping along to.

The Gifted exhibition at Swindon museum and art gallery

The images below, of text accompanying the exhibition, explain what the exhibition centres around. But of course there’s more – and many more paintings too. #Obvs

The Bomford and Phelps Gift

Read about the Swindon collection of modern art here.

Some of my old favourites – and there’s nothing wrong with that – are on display in the Gifted! exhibition. Like, for instance, the Lowry below. But it was fab to see some that I’d not seen before. Or at least that I don’t recall.

I think a sticker book would be a bit good here. Pictures of each painting in the collection and a sticker of it to put on when you see the painting in the gallery.

L S Lowry - Winter in Pendlebury
L S Lowry – Winter in Pendlebury 1943

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