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There’s definitely a place in your business communications for the written word. Engaging content, well-written, spelt properly, grammatically correct and SEO optimised to make Google love it. And when that need arises in your business please do remember that, with AA Editorial Services, your words are my work. 

That said, vlogging (video blogging), infographics and animations have an important role to play. Human beings are visual creatures. As this article points out, 65 percent of us are visual learners. It’s easy to see then why engaging visuals are superheroes when it comes to transferring knowledge and skills. This blog from Eight Interactive, using both videos and words, explains the key benefits that e-learning  brings to both the learner and the business providing them with the learning. 

Based in Swindon but serving the UK via the wonders of technology, Eight Interactive are UK leaders in e-learning video production and animated videos for businesses. 

Eight Interactive elearning and animated video

You don’t need elearning courses or software demos?

No problem! How about an animated video celebrating your personal and business highlights? One like this: https://youtu.be/1VVgw-QO9PA

Well, not one exactly like that #obvs. But something similar. And if you want words to go with it you know who to call huh? 

Find out more about getting a 2108 highlights animated video from Eight Interactive here.

Festive offer from Eight Interactive

Normally a video like this costs £150 + VAT.

Our festive offer for this video is £99 + VAT

So there’s something to rock your stocking.

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