Beware Cheap Removals Companies: Why Cheap isn’t Always Cheerful

October 2018

Beware Cheap Removals Companies: Why Cheap isn’t Always Cheerful

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Moving house is regularly cited as being the most stressful life event after the death of a spouse. This claim is probably over exaggerated albeit it still carries a lot of stress-potential.  The best way to minimize and control the potential anxiety is to exercise due diligence and do your research when choosing a removals firm. Don’t immediately opt for the cheapest – we get what we pay for – and cheap is unlikely to be cheerful. Look for competitive prices yes – but too cheap? Steer clear.


If, at this point, you’re thinking to yourself ‘I don’t need a professional remover at all. I can pack it myself and hire a van and do it with the help of friends’, think again. In truth, unless you live in a tiny house or flat this is a bigger job than you think. What’s more, packing up your stuff mightn’t sound too difficult but in fact there’s an art to it. Packing your treasures so that they’ve got proper protection and don’t get smashed to smithereens in transit takes expert handling.

Good removal staff will know too, how much weight they can carry in a safe way. That way you avoid a damaged back as well as cracked crockery and battered books.

Due Diligence

So – you’re planning to move house. What should you look for in a removals company? has some useful tips in their article on choosing the best removals company.  Here’s some of what they suggest:

  1. Quotes: Get several – at least three. Give preference to those that will visit your home rather than only estimating over the phone.

If you’re wondering why this matters – it’s important when factors such as restricted access or tight staircases exist that will affect the job.

Relocating to a different area? Consider getting an estimate from a firm based in the area you’re moving to. Prices might be more competitive. Ask for a breakdown of the estimate so you can see how much they’re charging for insurance, packing, their hourly rate, mileage and any storage costs incurred. Ask too if overtime rates apply and at what point.

  1. Insurance: In brief, removers should have Public Liability Insurance and Goods in Transit insurance. That aside, questions to ask are:

 3. What happens if the move is delayed and you can’t get into the new property in the afternoon or the next day.

4. Is their insurance cover adequate? And, what is the time limit on claiming insurance after the move?

5. Are high-value possessions covered by their insurance and do they need special packing?

NB: You can of course choose to pack some of your stuff yourself. But if you do, then be aware that the removal firm’s insurance won’t cover those items.

Registration to industry bodies

Looking for this when selecting a removals firm is helpful but not essential. Indeed, a note of caution if selecting that for a criterion is this: some UK bodies are known to be unduly litigious. To demonstrate that point, I’ll point you at this article from the Daily Mirror: ‘Guild tried to take Mirrorman to court… To prove they don’t take people to court’

As a result of such occurrences, many house moving firms choose not to register.  Hence, their non-membership of an industry body doesn’t have the greatest significance.

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