Event: Bringing Science to Swindon

15th October 2018

Bringing Science to Swindon

Reaching for the Sun

When: Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Starting at: 7:00 pm (all welcome)

Where: Venue: Lecture Theatre, New College Swindon, SN3 1AH

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (the other STFC) based here in Swindon funds some of the most amazing and inspirational science and technology in the world. Starting in October 2018 we will run a series of public events to highlight the science realised here in Swindon.

science and technologies facilities council - bringing science to swindon

The first talk by eminent solar physicist Dr Helen Mason OBE from the University of Cambridge will bring the Sun to Swindon…

Dr Helen Mason

Dr Helen Mason

Reaching for the Sun

The Sun, our star, is in a quiet phase of its eleven activity cycle, but we can expect some spectacular action in a few years time. Several solar space observatories have been watching the Sun over the past couple of decades:

SoHO, Stereo, Hinode and the Solar Dynamics Observatory. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has just been launched, August 2018, and ESA’s Solar Orbiter will be launched in 2020. These satellites will travel closer to the Sun than ever before.

This talk will review what we have learnt about our dynamic Sun, in particular what we know (and don’t yet know!) about sunspots, solar active regions and flares (huge explosions), and how the Sun affects the Earth’s environment (space weather).’

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