Event: The Big Knit at the Orbital

The Big Knit at the Orbital is on Saturday 27th of October from 2pm till 4.30pm

Event: The Big Knit at the Orbital

Oct 9, 2018 | Community

Paula Nunnery set up the Big Knit in Swindon just over two years ago. It’s now an established group meeting every six months or so. True story – no spinning yarns on this blog!

The group meet up to knit or crochet eight inch squares. They then sew them together to make blankets for the homeless. Though keeping the homeless warm isn’t the only thing this craftwork achieves. The knitting brings people together, bonds the community and boosts wellbeing. So it’s as good for the crafters as it is for the blanket recipients.

Tracey Major coordinates the Big Knit at the Orbital. She saw the Big Knit at Lydiard park in the summer of 2018 and  found inspiration in the project.  She knew that she wanted to be involved and to help sew the blankets together and to provide an opportunity to bring the group together more regularly.

Said Tracey: ‘I love working with yarn and I love meeting new people with a similar passion for arts and crafts. I do love a charity project and the homeless are so deserving, the ladies who have tirelessly been making over 165 blankets for the homeless are an inspiration and have such generous hearts, I’m thrilled to be part of their group and to continue their work.’

Tracey has found a new location for the group to meet at the Orbital Customer Service Hub at the Orbital shopping park. It’s just opposite the library.

Tracey explained ‘It’s a lovely new building, and nice and airy and light. It’s perfect for crafting in and has plenty of space for all the ladies to meet and come together. There’s chairs, tables and two sofas, so we shall be very comfortable and there’s a tea urn, so we can provide refreshments.’

But the Big Knit at the Orbital isn’t a closed group. They would love for more knitters and crocheters to come forward to pool their skills and to enjoy the vibe of the group.

The first ever Big Knit at the Orbital will take place on the Saturday 27th of October from 2pm till 4.30pm. There’s another Wednesday afternoon event in the pipeline for November, but yet to be confirmed.

If you would like to go along and join the group or simply have a look and see what it’s all about, the group will welcome you warmly.

They can provide yarn but it would be helpful if you could bring knitting needles or a crochet hook.


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