10th August 2018

8 Must visit historical sites in Swindon

Central community centre - once the hospital - must visit historical sites in swindon

Central community centre – once the Medical Fund Society Hospital

A quick share of an article by Total Swindon. 

The article features 8 must-visit historical sites in Swindon. It’s a nice list and especially so because they’ve included the Railway Village Conservation area including Faringdon (or GWR) park. Which is fab.

The article starts out thus:

‘Swindon has a rich history, especially when you consider how instrumental the town was in the railways. But even if we forget the significance of GWR in Swindon’s history there are still a huge amount of places of historical significance to visit.

If you’ve been living in Swindon all your life, or if you’re just here to visit, there are lots of must-visit destinations in our town. We’ve outlined a few of them below, but we’re only just scratching the surface!’  

And indeed they are but it’s a good start to such a list for sure. Nice one Total Swindon! 

So on the list they have:

  1. Lydiard Park 
  2. STEAM museum
  3. The Designer outlet centre:

Swindon Designer Outlet Village: shopping with a sense of history

Swindon Designer Outlet Village – Revisited

4. The Railway Village

5. The museum and art gallery

6. Old Town – the entire area. Don’t forget Christ church. 

7. The Richard Jefferies Museum

8. Swindon and Cricklade Railway