13th June 2018

Swindon Stitch & Bitch & The Longest Knit

Ha! The good ladies of Swindon’s super duper Stitch and Bitch group are busy clacking their needles for their latest yarn-based challenge all for a local charity. To find out more read on:

Swindon’s Stitch and Bitch are going to Avebury on Wednesday 20th June 2018 for the longest knitting day. The 21st is the summer solstice, so they will make the most of the daylight hours spending time knitting.
The group will travel to Avebury on the bus from Swindon Bus Station. They’ll be knitting while on the bus and once they get to Avebury. The needle clacking will continue at Avebury under the wishing tree as the ladies knit and crochet hanging spirals. The ladies will be gifting their spirals to visitors in return for donations. All donations will be going to Dressability.
the longest knit - yarn twirl
Dressability provides a low-cost clothing alteration and dressmaking service for people with disabilities. Swindon Stitch and Bitch will be collecting donations from their longest knit to give to this fantastic charity
Swindon Stitch and Bitch are working with Dressability making woollen garments for Swindon’s elderly who find themselves choosing between heating and eating during the winter months.
Through Dressability, Swindon Stitch and Bitch have received beautiful yarns from John Lewis. Tracey Major of Swindon Stitch and Bitch explains  ‘We were so honoured thatDressability asked us to work with them. We’re thrilled with the amazing yarn from John Lewis. Lots of the yarns are our favourite brands and will make gorgeous, and in some cases, luxurious garments to wrap the elderly up in this winter. They can keep warm in style.’
Tracey Major said, ‘disappointed at being unable to get together for World Knit in Public Day on the 9th of June, we decided instead to celebrate the summer solstice in yarn twirling style. We decided on yarn twirls because they look amazing, are easy to create and hang from anything.’ 
The group hope that visitors will come and visit them at Avebury and donate their loose change and take away a knitted twirl with them, and to also take with them more awareness of Dressability and the fabulous work they do.

About Dressability:

‘Clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes that is simply not enough! For people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and the over 65’s, finding clothes that reflect a personal style, fit well and are easy to take on or off, can be hard. To make life easier Dressability provides a low cost clothing adaptation and alteration service to people who need their clothes to fit well, feel comfortable and remain stylish. Whatever physical challenges you face, Dressability can help tailor your clothing so that getting dressed or being dressed becomes an everyday routine rather than a daily problem!

Dressability is one of only two independent clothing services in the UK which caters specifically for the needs of disabled people.

We work with other voluntary organisations, disability support groups, social workers and healthcare professionals. Because of our experience of clothing and disability, our advice has also been sought by the legal profession.

Dressability is a registered charity which has a board of trustees who are legally responsible for all the charity´s activities.’