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One can’t have failed to notice how, over the last five years or so, the Italian tipple Prosecco has out-popped big brother Cava in the affordable-celebration-fizz stakes. Before we have a look at how that’s happened let’s be clear on what Prosecco is.

Prosecco, like it’s big sister, Champagne, takes its name from its place of origin. In this case the village of Prosecco, a suburb of Trieste. Even if you knew that you may not know that, as this Vine Pair blog all about the stuff points out, ‘the name Prosecco is actually Slovenian, from prozek, or “path through the woods.” Prior to being called Prosecco, the region was known as Puccino. Today, Prosecco production extends beyond the small village, but that’s where it all began.


DOCG and DOC are quality classifications. Italian wine law states that DOCG – Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantia –  is the highest quality designation.

DOC – Denominazione di Origine Controllata – is an Italian assurance of quality for wine and food. To get this label a product must stick to the quality assurance rules and the location defined in the rules. Since 2009 Prosecco has had to have at least DOC accreditation.

Fizz is fizz right? What makes Prosessco different to Champagne?

The chief difference here is the method of production. For a bottle of bubbly to call itself Champagne it has to be made with the MÉTHODE CHAMPENOISE. And Prosecco isn’t.

Having made that statement I now need to explain that there is one exception to that rule. Isn’t there ever? The Conegliano Valdobbiadene in the DOCG may use MÉTHODE CHAMPENOISE – the rest though uses the charmat method – aka the tank method.

Tanked up

In the tank method, the fermented wine goes through its secondary fermentation in steel tanks rather than the bottle. According to Vine Pair.Com this production method means there’s less contact with the ‘lees’ or yeast sediment. Though a winemaker might make intentional contact to create a particular flavour.

The pound in your pocket puts more Prosecco in your glass

The tank method of secondary fermentation is an efficient one. Because of it, the resulting Prosecco is less expensive to make and therefore more affordable. As the astonishing rise in the popularity of #FizzFriday demonstrates.

Even though Prosecco is kind to your pocket your palate doesn’t need to suffer. Don’t think that the tank method produces uncomplicated wines. Au contraire – or whatever the Italian equivalent of that is. Prosecco is made with gorgeous aromatic grapes and this cleaner tank method lets those aromas effervesce their way to top of your flute glass.

Three fun Prosecco facts

Vine Pair blog is stuffed with great information about Prosecco. Here’s three things you might not know:

  1. The original Bellini recipe used Prosecco and not Champagne.
  2. Not all Prosecco is bubby. ‘Prosecco comes in three levels of “perlage,” basically a fancy word for delicious bubbles. There’s the bubbliest,spumante, the second-most, frizzante, and the entirely still (that’s right) tranquillo.’
  3. Prosecco didn’t fizz until the 19th century. ‘ … it wasn’t until Antonio Carpenè first subjected the still white wine to a second fermentation that Prosecco acquired it’s now lasting association with bubbles. The Carpenè Malvolti winery was the first to produce Prosecco as we know and guzzle it today.

Prosecco Party time

So we’ve established that Prosecco is a Champagne alternative that is cost-effective and delizioso in its own right. We know too that for an end of the week treat perfectly presentable Proseccos are available at a range of prices on every supermarket shelf. But what to do when you want to serve Prosecco for a special event? Big birthday, wedding, graduation or even a corporate function? It’s a big job buying enough Prosecco, keeping it perfectly chilled, serving it and having enough glasses and the rest of it. In this situation the catering cavalry – aka the Pink Drinks Van.

Based in Wiltshire, The Pink Drinks Van Swindon is a gorgeous mobile bar service crafted from a Tuk-Tuk van. As you can see from the images below, The Pink Drinks Van is a fun yet sophisticated addition to your special event that saves you, or a family member, from being on bar duty leaving you free to have a good time. And I’ll drink to that!

They offer a range of packages the details of which you can find here.  And check out these gorgeous photos to get a feel of what they offer and the WOW factor Pink Drinks Van Swindon will bring to your event! 

The Pink Drinks Van Swindon
The Prosecco Party van

Contact them on their web form. Or telephone 07432 628545 or 01672 540874.

Cin, Cin!

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