29th April 2018

Uncelebrated Journey

Swindon’s talent – telling Swindon’s Story

Earlier this week I attended a press launch of the above named-event. This one-off, set-to-be-spectacular event is the brainchild of the new and current, High Sheriff of Wiltshire, Nicky Alberry.

Uncelebrated journey celebrates Swindon and its journey by celebrating that of the much-unsung Alfred Williams – aka -the Hammerman poet. 

The image below gives more information of what the event will comprise. If you can’t see it too well then visit the Uncelebrated Journey Facebook page. It’ll be much clearer there: https://www.facebook.com/UncelebratedJourney/

Uncelebrated Journey

What’s so exciting about this innovative event is that it maps the entirety of Swindon’s cultural landscape. Just as the landscape of our beautiful country is more varied and rich than one can comprehend so too is Swindon’s cultural scene. It’s simply astonishing. What’s more it’s being brought together to tell Alfred’s story. And that story is as fascinating as that of Swindon itself.

As Total Swindon so helpfully say in their write-up:

‘The evening, full of specially commissioned pieces of music and dance seek to illustrate Williams’ amazingly varied life. Not only was he a factory worker and poet, he also served in the First World War as a Gunner and travelled to India.’

Alfred educated himself to an astonishing level: he taught himself Greek and Latin so he could read the Classics. His literary output was huge though largely – though not entirely – unrecognised in his lifetime. Alfred – THIS is your moment.

Swindon is a cultural oasis

For those of you unaware of how much Swindon has to offer culturally, here’s a round-up of some of it that you can experience at this event. These are the ones I’ve covered on this blog at various times.

  1. Swindon Dance
  2. Paul Turner and the Chamber Music Recital Series
  3. The South Asian Performing Arts Centre – SAPAC
  4. Swindon Symphony Orchestra

Then there’s:

Prime Theatre

Swindon Choral Society  and a whole heap more. I could be listing them all day.

When and where will it be?

Uncelebrated Journey will be taking centre stage at Swindon’s Wyvern Theatre on Saturday the 6th of October.



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