Swindon celebrities get knitted

20th February 2018


Swindon celebrities get knitted

If you’re in the vicinity of Stitch ‘n’ bitch ladies you’ll hear the click clack click of knitting needles as they get to work on their latest project aimed at raising funds for Swindon Mind. What they’re creating is a knitted art installation for display in Swindon’s museum and art gallery from the 28th March. What fun! This is when the ladies made a poppy cloak for Brunel: https://www.facebook.com/SwindonSnB/

Read more about it all below.

A Stitch in Time to Make another Nine

Swindon celebrities get knitted

‘Swindon Stitch and Bitch are Swindon based crafters and they are currently working against the clock to create an art installation for the Swindon Museum and Gallery in old town.

The exhibit that they are making is titled ‘The Characters – Tapestry of Swindon’, which will go on display on the 28th of March 2018. The group are making dolls that represent past and present characters that have had some influence on Swindon. They hope to create 30 figures in total and at present they have 21 completed. Nine dolls may not sound very many, but with so many hours going into creating each one, it is a labour of love.

Tracey Major said “We wanted to select characters past and present, because its all part of the story of our town, things don’t change over night it takes the passage of time.

We didn’t just want to choose ‘famous’ people to create, because so many other people of Swindon influence our lives and the town.”

Although they want to keep the dolls under wraps until the big day, they are happy to publish a list of the figures that they intend to create.

Swindon celebrities get knitted

Billie Piper, the harmonica man and Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Julian Clary

Jamie Cox

Justin Hayward

David Howell

Mark Lamar

Melinda Messenger

Gilbert O’Sullivan

Billie Piper

Isambard Brunel

Michael Thomas

Edith New

Don Rodgers

Bob Kilby

Jaime King

Alfred Owen Williams

Harold Fleming

Maureen Penny

Fred Ferris

Steve Rowbotham

Desmond Morris

Tony Collins

Hamis Murray

Robert Turner Watkins

Bruce the collecting dog



Mable Stranks

Sophie Grigson

Thaila Zucchi

The Grey Lady

If you are in the list above or are related to anyone in the list, the group would love to invite you to the launch day – 28thMarch 2018 at 2pm, at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, SN1 4BA to see the figures and to meet the crafters.

After the exhibition, all the figures will be sold to raise money for Swindon Mind. If you’d like to buy any of the dolls, please leave your contact details with the museum team and the crafters will get back to you.’



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