9th February 2018


The Swindon Recital Series

Swindon Recital Series

Not infrequently, and always on social media, is heard the cry ‘There’s no culture in Swindon’ and words to that effect. I have NEVER understood this attitude. There’s more culture and creativity in Swindon than you can shake a Doric column at. And therein perhaps lies the problem. The absence of buildings with columns on. Perhaps there exists for some a relationship between columns on buildings and culture. A bit like a horse and carriage, you can’t have one without the other. I have no idea – I merely posit this thought.

It’s not true of course – and what’s more it never has been. From the early days of the Mechanics’ Institute, Swindon’s people have pursued an interest in the arts – of all kinds. It’s all here – but you might have to look a bit.  Okay – so we haven’t got Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory as in Bristol. Nor do we have a great deal of opera. But to suggest that there’s nothing in the way of culture in Swindon is risible. Worse, it’s arguably insulting to the founding fathers of New Swindon that were so very engaged in the arts.

Symphony and Chamber Music

It’s only relatively recently I learned that Swindon has a symphony orchestra. Yup. We do. And there’s this: Swindon Recital Series: professional live chamber music.  Another long standing Swindon entity.

I’m not going to lie to you – I’m not sure that Chamber music is my ‘bag’. Middlebrow and proud me.  Though I have heard of their patron, Dame Evelyn Glennie. She’s a solo percussionist if you didn’t know – profoundly deaf from a young age.

Yet how wonderful is it that musical performances such as these, from this chamber music group, are here – right on our doorstep if one wants them.

With support from Bower and Bailey (solicitors) these wonderful people (a registered charity) bring their talents to the people of Swindon and its environs. Lucky, lucky them.

Check out their ‘About’ page to find out more: http://www.swindonrecitalseries.org/about/

Their current newsletter found its way in to my inbox via another mailing list that I’m on so if you want to know more about them that’s a good way to go: Swindon recital January 2018 newsletter

Or contact them on:


The Swindon Recital Series


Musically, Swindon Symphony Orchestra and this recital music series are not the only offerings. I’m sure listeners, you know more than me on that front. Then of course there’s the Wyvern Theatre and the Arts Centre, the poetry scene, the literature scene, museums and artists, Swindon open studios – it goes on and on and on. Much like an Aritson washing machine. So please – stop it with the ‘Swindon is a cultural desert’ stuff. Enough already.


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