7th February 2018


Twigs Snowdrops and soup day 2018 

Snowdrops and soup at Twigs

A quick shout out listeners for the wonderfully alliterative Twigs community gardens annual snowdrops and soup day.

When is it happening? 

Sunday 11th February 2017 11 am – 3 pm

Admission: Adults £2.00, Concessions £1.50, Children FREE

* On display will be 10,000 Snowdrops we planted around our beau ful gardens in 2016. We’ve checked on them and they’re already star ng to come up.

*There will be di erent varie es of Snowdrop on display, so see if you can spot the di erences between them.

* Find out all the things about snowdrops that you didn’t know that you wanted to know, and some of the stories associated with them.

* Also on display will be art and cra work on a Snowdrop theme.

After you’ve walked round the gardens and admired the other brave plants that share this owering me with the Snowdrops, warm up with some delicious home- made soup or some cake.

To find out about other Twigs events go here: http://www.friendsoftwigs.org.uk/events/

See a previous Twigs open day here: https://youtu.be/Jih4V0lluyE

Twigs snowdrops and soup day 2018

A brief bit about Twigs: ‘TWIGS (Therapeutic Work In Gardening Swindon) came into being in November 1997. It was created by Pride of Swindon winner Anne Billingham, who realised the therapeutic benefits that working with nature could bring to those experiencing mental health problems. At first TWIGS operated from the old Swindon Borough Council (SBC) Amenity Horticulture buildings (where the Manor Garden Centre now stands) and volunteers provided gardening and craft activities for around eight people.’

Friends of Twigs: http://www.friendsoftwigs.org.uk

‘Friends of Twigs is an independent charity which gives financial and practical support to TWIGS and the Olive Tree Café, two mental health projects in Swindon. We have no administration costs.’



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