17th December 2017


A Community Library Launches at the Swindon Hindu Temple

Swindon Hindu Temple logo

To be fair, ‘A community library LUNCHES at the Swindon Hindu Temple’ would have been an appropriate heading being as how this event was celebrated with a food festival. Oh such scrummyness. Sadly for me, I’m getting over a virus and my normal appetite for Indian food – well food in general – is not, at the moment, up to scratch,

But that’s all a digression. I’ve been to the temple before so though it was about time it got a mention on this here blog. Because y’know, the overall vibe at the temple is never anything but welcoming and inclusive. It’s just lovely.

The temple came on to my horizon via Carole Bent – the photographs below are hers. Thanks Carole. I do try with photographs but they never come out right. Harrumph!

I had no idea, until Pradeep spoke at the event, that the community library that the temple has set up is part of the town’s library network. I though it was cool anyway. But when I heard that I thought it was even cooler! It was super fab to see Liam with the book bike there reading to the children!

Some pictures from yesterday’s library launch and food festival:

You have to take your hat off to Pradeep Bhardwaj, chaiman of Swindon’s Hindu temple trust, and his associates.  What they’ve achieved with a run-down industrial unit on the Cheney Manor estate can be described as miraculous. And a testament to what can be achieved with will and passion.

As Pradeep told the Swindon Advertiser last year when the Temple celebrated its official opening:

“For many here it is the biggest day of their lives. There have been Hindus in Swindon for 60 years but there hasn’t been a temple or community centre.

“I am very proud, more than proud, I am humbled. To be able to accomplish something like this for the entire community is beyond my wildest dreams.

“Throughout our lives we keep chasing dreams but having seen what it’s like to do this I would be willing to forego any of my personal dreams.”

The temple’s website describes its vision thus:

  • Establish “Cultural Hub & Centre of Excellence” – first of its kind outside India
  • A Social, Cultural and Community Hub accessible to all community groups with an interest in Indian music, dance, arts, culture, religion, cuisine, literature, health & wellbeing
  • Establish Swindon as a Cultural destination, one of the top places to visit in England, promote cultural & religious tourism, attract new businesses & investment
  • Ambitious project – unique in nature, scope, impact & overall vision
  • Contributing significantly to the local area & economy
  • Demonstrate long-term, strategic benefits of community-based enterprise

Amen to all of that is all I have to say!

What a wonderful Switch on to Swindon ambassador Pradeep is.

At this point I feel I should give mention also to SAPAC – another Asian organisation/group that Swindon is blessed to have in its midst. They too open their doors, their activities to anyone that is interested regardless of culture.

There’s lessons for us all from both these groups I feel.

The Hindu temple on the ether:

The website for the Swindon Hindu Temple is here: http://www.swindonhindutemple.org.uk

They’re on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwindonTemple?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

And a public Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SwindonHinduTemple/662513007208181/



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