11th November 2017


The Choc Shop

Right listeners. I’ve lost count now of the times I’ve heard (on social media of course) cries of ‘What do want? Independent shops. When do we want them? Now!’  Or words to that effect.

For some time now we’ve had my much-loved and much frequented Paolo’s Italian Deli on the bottom of Commercial Road. https://www.facebook.com/dapaolosimplyitalian/?fref=ts

Now there’s a new kid in town on Theatre Square – where the model shop used to be. I give you: The Choc Shop.

The Choc Shop exterior

The shop is owned and run by Paul Dunn and has been brought to chocolatey fruition with the help of Iain Nicholson and the Flashop team.  Find them on Twitter here: @Flashop_Swindon

When I first visited the shop Paul was low on stock. That’s not the case now as I think my snaps will demonstrate. There’s something for everyone – including vegetarians and vegans and gluten free.

The chocolate pizzas are proving popular with a certain Adver cub reporter. Tom I’m looking at you. And they are rather nice – albeit a tad sweet for my palate. But then I favour plain, 85% cocoa solid stuff with as little sugar in as possible. So don’t be out off by that! I simply don’t have a terribly sweet tooth.

Aside from the super dark stuff, the thing I always look for on chocolate is the quantity of cocoa solids and where in position on the ingredients list sugar is placed. If it’s in pole position – as it so often is – Lindt J’accuse – then, sorry that’s not chocolate. Brown, sweet vegetable fat is what that is.

So I’m super happy to report that the chocolate pizzas have cocoa solids in that all important first placing. And a creditable (compared to many) 33% at that. Ergo, a product I can enjoy. As I’m sure anyone with a sweeter tooth than me (probably 90% of the population) will too.

Here’s a few of my trademark terrible photos to give you an idea of Paul’s product range:

And here’s Paul standing behind his counter:

Ian - Choc shop owner


You can follow the shop on Twitter here: @ChocShopUK  

There is a webpage but there’s nothing there as yet: http://www.thechocshop.com  Of course if Paul should want help with the content *coughs* AA Editorial Services is here. That’s me!

So Swindon, You have a new independent shop. Go use it.