26th October 2017


New images unveiled of proposed new museum and art gallery


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Hello listeners

I daresay you’ve seen this on social media already – that said it always happens that someone says, about whatever it might be, ‘I didn’t know that was happening’. I’m often astonished because I’ve usually seen whatever was all over social media. Which may say something about my habits and the iPhone shaped extension to my left arm!

So – just in case – I’m sharing a recent article in Swindon Link Magazine apropos of the renewed plans for the new museum and art gallery:


‘Trust director Rod Hebden says all the feedback, suggestions, comments and innovative ideas have been fed back to the architects, engineers and other professionals working on the design, and as a result the plans have evolved thoroughout the summer.

One of the most striking adjustments is that the position of the building, which was originally planned to be on the site of the old multi-storey carpark that stood next to the Wyvern, may now change to the opposite side of the open air carpark, bordering Princes Street.

“When we went out to consultation, the plans showed the new building directly on the space that remains now that the multi-storey car park has been demolished,” says Rod.’