21st October 2017


The Health Hydro in Pictures

Hello listeners. I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late – I’ve been rather poorly. Slowly feeling less like one of the living dead. Anyway – what we have here is a link to the website of Swindon photographer Elmar Rubio who has taken some rather fabulous photographs of our rather fabulous and special Health Hydro.  Here it is:


Co-incidentally,  two days ago Swindon Civic Voice put on a talk by one Malcolm Shifrin.

Slide from Malcolm Shifrin's talk

NB: Screen shot of photo by Linda Kasmaty.

Mr Shifrin is an authority – THE authority even – on the Victorian Turkish Bath. He’s written a beautiful book, commissioned by Historic England, on the subject of the Victorian Turkish bath.

This screen shot of a tweet from Mr Shifrin explains just why the Turkish baths and the Health Hydro are so special. Our Victorian Turkish baths are the oldest existing and functioning in THE WORLD.

Tweet Malcolm Shifrin


If you’re curious as to how his interest began: ‘In Bath in 1990, he happened to notice a decorated initial B on a stained glass door panel in a health club which had once been a Turkish bath. This was his introduction to the strange world of Charles Bartholomew who (falsely) claimed to have built the first modern Turkish bath in England. Finding that no one else had made a study of the Victorian Turkish bath, he determined that this was how he would spend his retirement.’