30th August 2017

Pew here for a hand-turned pen with a Christ Church connection

Swindon pen-maker Simon Webb, has a reputation for fashioning exquisite hand-made pens from wood connected to aspects of Swindon’s history. This time it’s pens from Christ Church Pews.

The latest piece of piece of wood to enter his workshop is a section of an oak pew from Swindon’s Christ Church. Commented Simon, ‘when I heard that, as part of a renewal project, the church planned to dispose of some pews I thought at once how fabulous it would be to give part of a pew another life as a pen.’

What lies beneath

‘Underneath the dark exterior the wood is a lovely pale brown colour with a gorgeous grain structure’ said Simon. Adding that he’s already been contacted by couples who were married at Christ Church and want to own a piece of it in pen form.

Christ Church have commented on Facebook: ‘We are delighted such beautiful pens are being made from the wood of one of Christ Church’s pews.’

There are three styles of pen to choose from, all made to exacting standards. The range includes a gunmetal and platinum ballpoint, a standard-sized fountain or rollerball and a large desk pen. The fountain pens come in a presentation box, complete with leather carrying case and ink cartridges.  Non-pen users can enjoy a piece of Ecumenical history too because Simon is also making cufflinks from the oak.

Prices for the pens range from £60 to £160 for the large desk pen. The cufflinks are £30 a set.

Other than at September’s autumn fayre you can buy a pen, from Christ Church wood or otherwise, directly from Simon.

Contact him on his Facebook page
Or call him on: 07834 375628
Email him at:  sales@simon-webb.co.uk 

For every Christ Church pen sold, Simon will make a donation to Christ Church.

Simon’s first foray into re-writing Swindon history came with pens made from the beloved, storm-felled, 300-year-old walnut tree in Lydiard Park.

Then came the STEAM museum pens, turned from a piece of Jarrah – a foundation timber in the GWR Works. For literature and nature lovers Simon has made pens from the famous mulberry tree in the garden at the Richard Jefferies’ Museum at Coate.

Media and other articles about Simon

Simon Webb: http://www.simon-webb.co.uk/

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simonwebbartisan/?fref=ts

Tele: x 07834 375628 or email: sales@simon-webb.co.uk

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