18th August 2017


Hypnotherapist ups the ante with Las Vegas conference

Helen Breward of Pebbles Hypnotherapy

Helen Breward of Pebbles Hypnotherapy – clinical hypnotherapist goes to Las Vegas

Swindon-based, clinical hypnotherapist Helen Breward is presenting her ground-breaking work on relieving women’s menopause symptoms to the 2017 HypnoThoughts Live conference in Las Vegas.

Helen presents at a 2016 Canadian conference - clinical hypnotherapist goes to Las Vegas

Helen presents at a 2016 Canadian conference

The Las Vegas conference is suitably oversized with an impressive list of speakers all considered trail blazers in their fields. The invitation to apply to present her work at HypoThoughts Live came while Helen was speaking at a Canadian conference in October last year.  A right royal flush you might say!

Asked how she got the news of her selection to speak at this prestigious conference, Helen reported that: ‘I received an email that simply said “WE WANT YOU! Next year is going to be even bigger and better!” “I’ve been chosen to speak in Las Vegas from over 1,000 hour’s-worth of talks, so you can imagine my delight’, continued Helen.

At last year’s Canadian conference Helen’s presentation about using hypnosis to bring relief to menopause misery was a first. And it will be a first at the Las Vegas conference too. Helen explained, ‘There’s been a great deal of interest in my talk. I’m looking forward to it immensely.’

Following Helen’s presentation to the Canadian Conference, its director had this to say:

“Helen Breward of the UK recently spoke at our annual Canadian Hypnosis Conference on her work with Menopause relief and hypnosis.  I did not know Helen, nor had I heard her speak but just went on intuition in booking her in our largest room with a stage and sound and screens.  I just figured that this topic would be well attended and a small room would not be suitable.

Helen gave an outstanding presentation, rarely looking at notes but easily speaking her vast knowledge of this topic as if having a conversation.  There was no hesitation or stumbling and you got the impression she knows this topic inside out.  Everyone paid close attention and thoroughly enjoyed her talk … “

When she’s not jetting around the globe presenting her programme, Helen’s work with menopausal women, helping them to cool down and take control continues. Alongside all that Helen is now training other hypnotherapists to work with her programme and bring relief to yet more over-heated ladies in other parts of the UK.

If you’re a woman of a certain age, and the menopause is causing you distress then don’t hedge your bets. With her experience and expertise, it’s a safe bet that Helen can help.

Helen operates from Wood Street Wellbeing in Swindon’s Old Town and also Royal Wootton Bassett. She can be contacted on: 07561 544511 or email her at helenbreward@pebbleshypnotherapy.com  

Visit her website here: https://www.pebbleshypnotherapy.com

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