27th July 2017


Overview of Swindon’s theatre scene:via Wyvern Theatres’ blog

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Hello listeners

I have, as you know, over the lifetime of this blog, banged on ad nauseam on here about Swindon’s theatre scene. And arts. And heritage. Culture in general to be honest.

293 posts worth of banging on in fact! And they’re all in here: https://swindonian.me/category/artscultureheritage/ – so take your coat off, make yourself a cuppa and have a root through! 

Which is why it’s super fab to share this blog post from the people at the Wyvern Theatre: https://insideswindontheatres.wordpress.com   It’s a great blog that deserves a round of …

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The blog highlights a stack of Swindon’s theatre activities: the summer youth project – been to some of those. The festival of literature – been to LOTS of those! Panto – #obvs – went to that last year.

Swindon wyvern theatre roundel - swindon's theatre scene

Here’s an extract and the link to the rest of the blog is below:

‘We are a proud ambassador of the Switch on to Swindon Campaign, at Swindon Theatres we wanted to share the work that we do and how you can get involved with Swindon’s thriving arts scene.  Swindon Theatres is the Wyvern Theatre and The Swindon Arts Centre, we programme 250+ shows including concerts, comedy, dance, drama, musical theatre and local amateur productions every year across both of our venues’

Here’s a direct link to the blog in question:


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