23rd July 2017

Poetry in motion: Swindon Diamonds – Oh I love this!

Idly scrolling through Facebook as you do, I came across a video. CREATE studios made the film and it features Swindon Community poet, Tony Hillier and his poem ‘Swindon Diamonds’.  I somehow managed to miss it – never mind, I’ve found it now.

It’s wonderful! Share it far and wide. Swindonians need to see it! 🙂 It references so many wonderful Swindon elements. From the GWR to Deacon’s jewellers to the Mechanics’ Institute to Gilbert O’Sullivan and XTC , Ken White …. the list goes on and on and on. Much like Ariston washing machines used to … except they don’t now …

This article from Swindon Link magazine tells more:

Community poet Tony Hillier created and reads the poem, performing it at many of the key locations mentioned in it.

The poem, a celebration of Swindon and its achievements, was commissioned by Swindon and Cirencester-based motor dealer, Pebley Beach. They did so as part of the firm’s support of Swindon 175, which marks 175 years since the railway arrived in the town. Swindon’s CREATE studios filmed and edited the piece….

…. The poem touches on cars and trains, but other Swindon innovations too, from the World War Two Spitfire to Garrard record decks. Landmarks including Canal Walk, the Mechanics’ Institute, and – of course – the Magic Roundabout are all name-checked.

The video even includes Tony playing table tennis in Quarry Road play park, while reciting a verse of the poem.

Snapshot of Swindon's diamonds

Well done to Tony and to CREATE studios. Super, fab, stirring stuff. Poetry in motion: Swindon Diamonds is really wonderful.

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