6th July


Savour a new broadband service with Relish

What to look for when choosing your broadband provider in Swindon

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Where would we be were it not for broadband?

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I for one would be chained to my desk in my office, struggling with a dial-up connection to write this. But instead I’m sat with my laptop at my table under a parasol enjoying the sunshine and the garden.

If you’re too young to remember the days of dialup, be thankful. It was less about Torrenting and more about torrents of abuse at your PC in sheer frustration because the connection had dropped. Again.

We now demand a helluva lot from our broadband service. We expect it to perform as we need it to and at the right price for us.

So, what’s out there for you?

Everyone knows the on-going struggle of broadband connections in your home, but should you live in Swindon and be looking to change your broadband service there’s a tasty dish on offer from Relish Broadband which, since landing in Swindon in 2016, is continuing its rollout in the area this year.

There are several points to savour in the Relish offering:

  • No need for a landline

Relish will get you online without the need for a landline. By using wireless technology, there’s no need to pay for a landline you never use. Like many people, the majority of my phone calls are made either on my mobile or via online platforms such as Skype, so to get a hefty phone-line bill every month can be quite frustrating.

Relish has done away with this issue by offering a broadband only package – perfect for those who have consigned their landline phone to the back of the cupboard years ago. Alternatively, because Relish doesn’t need a landline to connect, you could even install it to run alongside your existing broadband provider – letting you compare the two side-by-side, without affecting your current service.

  • Superfast broadband in Swindon

Swindon has an historic problem with broadband in the area. Indeed, some areas still don’t have access to superfast broadband. Relish offers a solution to this problem – Superfast broadband from £25 per month (with an upfront device cost of £99).

Relish is finally delivering Superfast broadband to areas that have previously been unable to get online fast, which definitely makes Relish an alternative worth your consideration.

  • A promise to be delivered and installed in FIVE days

This means that you can get online in the same week that you order the service.

There’s an historic and on-going issue with broadband installation that many consumers come up against, namely excessive waiting times. The ‘This is Money’ article tells all on that, and it’s pretty shocking.

It’s Relish’s aim to save you that pain with its five-day installation promise.

  • Unlimited data

From movies to music and gaming, our lives (more than ever) are lived online. So to have an internet provider that offers unlimited broadband, in this day and age, is somewhat essential.

Someone who regularly browses the web and uses streaming services like iPlayer would fare much better with an unlimited data package, rather than capped usage.

Relish broadband offers unlimited data, so alongside your Superfast connection – you can browse and download without worrying about reaching your limit. Another ‘tick’!

If your appetite for Relish is now whetted, why not check them out here to see if they cover your area.