31st May 2017


David Bent exhibits at RAF Club

When I first started this blog I was familiar with the work of Ken White.  As time went by, and due entirely to Katie Hopkins (it’s a long story which I’m prepared to dine out on. 😉 ) I came across David Bent.

Since then I’ve got to know Caroline Day, Susan Carr and Terry Humphries, the lovely people at Artiste and the Post Modern and Tim Carroll. Most of them have been represented on this blog with the exception of Tim Carroll. And that situation must be adressed soon.

This post though features David Bent. Because I wanted to mention that he’s exhibiting at London’s RAF Club during July and August 2017.

I must stress that this exhibition is hosted by the RAF club for their members. But don’t despair! Many of the pieces can be seen in Swindon – the Swindon Open Studios event is a perfect opportunity.  Indeed a number of the originals can be seen at Open Studios – something that David has taken part in since 2002.

Aside from the that private visits can be arranged to David’s studio or there’s his website: http://davidbentstudio.com

David’s had lots of local exhibitions including: The Great Western Hospital , Open Studios, Radnor Street Chapel and Artsite. Not that this is the first time he’s gone beyond the SBC boundary! 😉

Read Information on the exhibition by following the link.

Read more about David Bent by exploring this link: https://swindonian.me/category/artscultureheritage/david-bent/

The painting shown here is ‘Timeless’.  

This painting was also included in the exhibition at the RAF Museum , London 2012 – 2013 that David and his lovely wife took 60 kids from Churchfields Academy too … & introduced them to the Red Arrows. Lucky them!

Art of Flight RAF club - David Bent exhibits at RAF club

Trio of David's paintings


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