Why you should hire a wedding venue stylist

Weddings can get so bogged down in the endless exigencies of organizing and planning that the experience itself, when it finally occurs, can seem as though it has very little to do with the love that inspired it in the first place.

DAPHNE ROSE KINGMA, Weddings from the Heart

How best to avoid all that? Hire a wedding venue stylist of course!

Hatch, Match, Despatch

Christenings, weddings and funerals – any big party at all –  take a lot of organization. But arguably none more so than a wedding! Unless that is you’re planning on decamping to the pub for pies and pints all round post wedding ceremony, there’s a lot to think to about it.

But hire a venue stylist and that’s a lot of strain taken away. Unless of course you actually want to be arranging bows on the backs of chairs on the morning of the wedding?

Not convinced? Here’s a few reasons why hiring a venue stylist is a great idea:

In the best of venues, the rooms where the wedding ceremony takes place are often less than inspiring. Step forward the venue stylist.

Christening party decor

Experts in their field

A good venue stylist will have had years of practice at what they do. They’ll be able to take the blank canvas of your ceremony room from mundane to magical. And they’ll have ideas that perhaps won’t occur to you.

Your venue stylist can also work with you to transform your reception room into a place that tells your personal story and reflects your personality and your interests.

Being in the industry they’ll have lots of sources and contacts in other wedding-related areas. Hence, it’s well worth talking to them about photographers, cake makers and dress suppliers. You could save yourself a lot of searching and virtual foot-ache.

No sweat

Think of it. Neither you, nor your mum, or your friends will have to run around working up a sweat fixing bows, freshening up flowers and centrepieces, blowing up balloons or whatever it might be.

Instead you can all make your personal preparations in relaxed anticipation, safe in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of.

Be fabulous with the Fab Gift Boutique

The Fab Gift Boutique is a Wiltshire based event dressing and gift company.

Under their belt is 10 years’ events organization in the rest of Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

If by now you’re thinking that hiring a venue stylist is the way you’d like to go for your wedding – or indeed any other special celebration –  get in touch with the Fab Gift Boutique for a no-obligation chat to bounce ideas around.

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