6th April 2017


Going Wild for the Swindon Wildcats: a purrfectly good evening


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Well! Here’s a how-do-you do listeners! A post in the ‘This sporting life’ section of the blog. And, even more bizarrely, written by moi. Who’d a thunk it?

I put that category on the blog because I wanted Born again Swindonian to represent all aspects of Swindon life and culture and so forth. Even if a thing is not MY thing I wanted it represented on the blog.  The problem with anything sport related being – I HATE sport. So unless I can manage to get a guest blog post it doesn’t happen.

So how come I’m sat here tapping on my MacBook writing about a sporting event?! Good question. The short answer to which is that the opportunity came along for a Business Village jolly to see the Swindon Wildcats and I thought to myself: ‘Why not?’

Sally Price who does marketing and PR type stuff for the team comes to Business Village and kindly offered to organise us a visit. How cool. Did you see what I did there? 😉 I’ll try to keep the skating/ice related puns to a minimum. Or we’ll be skating on thin ice …

When I texted my daughter to give her this information, back came the reply ‘It’s called a puck Mother’. Bloody cheek. I do know somethings! And surely knowing that the slippery rubber thing the players chase round the ice is called a puck counts as general knowledge? Doh! I’m not sure how she thinks I’ve got to the age I have.

So anyway, chopsy daughters aside, a happy band of us Business Village networkers met up at the Link Centre last week (I think) to enjoy the corporate viewing lounge and the stands too and soak up some Wildcats action.

Two of our party are seasoned ice-hockey fans and Wildcats supporters. So they offered some explanations as to what was going on. Though for the most part I decided not to bother trying to take that in and to just enjoy the action and the friendly atmosphere. Ergo there’s not much point me trying to say anything about the game as I don’t actually have a clue. *embarrassed face*

It was good to see families there – albeit it finishes rather late. It was way past my bed time!  The hot dogs were disgusting (as indeed is only right and proper), there was a drum (loved the drum) and some good natured chanting and stamping when goals were scored. In short all you need for a good evening or Saturday afternoon.

So, I’ll say this much: it was all great fun and I would go again – if only for the ice maintenance team cabaret. Those guys should be on TV. So I reckon this ought to be a fixture in the BV extra curricular calendar.

Here we are at the end of the match – sadly Swindon lost – on the red carpet with the entire team. Get us!

Business Village and the Swindon Wildcats ice hockey team

Business Village and the Swindon Wildcats

Hugest thanks to Sally for organising it for us. We all had a fab evening.

See their promo video on YouTube – A Day in the Skates