18th March 2017


Shop local for Mothering Sunday

Some Mothering Sunday Gift Ideas from Swindon-based Independent Businesses

shop local with small swindon based businesses

Inspired by a friend and fellow business owner who has been sharing other Swindon-based business offerings on her Facebook timeline I thought I’d put this post together as a ‘one-stop-shop’ of gift ideas for Mothering Sunday – and other occasions of course.


It’s only a week away so if you’re stumped for ideas then read on. And support the local economy and a small business while you’re at it. Win, win, win!

I’m sure no-one want to buy their mother any words for a mother’s day gift so I won’t bother mentioning my own AA Editorial Services. Ooops – I just did. Hey ho.  😉

So, in no particular order here’s my totally subjective list of great people offering fab things that would make ace alternative gifts for your own yummy mummy:

  1. A gift voucher from Ishbel’s Wardrobe for a colour and/or style consultation. Buy this for your mum and style Nirvana will be hers. To discover why you are what you wear and why it matters read here. 
  2. Some gorgeous handmade jewellery from Catherine Jay. It’s super stuff – I wear a lot of it. And – if she happens to already know her WOW colours then maybe Catherine can conjure up something special in one of them? How individual would that be?
  3. If you’ve a mum into camping, glamping etc then the fab 4Points Leisure is worth a peek. Lots of super cool and funky stuff. The cactus LED lights being my fave at the moment.
  4. For handmade, organic, microbead free skincare for your mum check out the delicious Pink&Green.
  5. The Fab Gift Boutique sell these ace 3D cards. The range is bigger than what’s on the website so always get in touch if you’ve something in mind that you don’t see.  There’s a range of gifts too: https://thefabgiftboutique.com/product-category/gifts/
  6. Mind your language: Has your mum indicated that she’s like to learn a language? Then how about a voucher for lessons from Odile Motte who runs the Westrin Study Centre – in the process of rebranding to the Brunel Language Centre? Odile is French so understands all the challenges of learning a foreign language.
  7. His nibs: And to do the language homework with there’s gorgeous hand-turned pens from the lathe thingy of Simon Webb. http://www.simon-webb.co.uk and here on Born again Swindonian: https://swindonian.me/2015/10/22/simon-webb-handcrafted-pens/
  8. And finally some bodily TLC from Julie Nicholls of Body Mind Coaching – which nowhere near describes what she does! To make your mum feel a year younger on the inside treat her to some super special care from Julie. From a neck and shoulders work over to a 2-hour full body treatment including a free initial consultation Julie IS the biz. Buy from http://www.healthywares.co.nr/giftvouchers.htm

Art for Arts Sake

Now art is a very subjective thing but, if you’re sure of your mum’s taste, then an artwork of some kind might be worthy of consideration.

Swindon, it has to be said, is something of a creative hotspot. Take some time to root through this section of the blog: https://swindonian.me/category/artscultureheritage/ and you’ll see what I mean. I can’t mention them all here because it would get silly. Instead here’s 4 of my faves – again in  no particular order:

  1. Lynette Thomas and Artkore mosaics: http://www.artkoremosaics.co.uk  I love Lynette’s work. Her pieces have a narrative built into them and they are just fab. I own several pieces!
  2. David Bent: well known for his aviation art and his association with the Red Arrows, David has more than one bristle to his brush. Fret not if you can’t afford an original – I only wish – he sells reasonably priced prints of some of his work.

Read more about him here: https://swindonian.me/category/artscultureheritage/david-bent/  and his official website is here: http://davidbentstudio.com

3. Tim Carroll: To my chagrin I admit I know little about Tim Carroll (a state of affairs I must redress) despite owning some of his work. Prints of course!

Tim’s 100 views of Swindon are brilliant. He’s a talented chap. I’d love to have prints of them all but am a bit lacking in wall space. So one will have to suffice.


He also does gorgeous wee ceramic pieces that would make an unusual gift.

4. My good friend Gill Thomas. Gill does lovely botanicals and rather cute animals. Here she is: http://www.gillthomasart.com/about-gill.html

Plant in teacup and saucer

About Mothering Sunday: http://yesterday.uktv.co.uk/blogs/article/mothering-sunday/