The caveman cometh

12th February 2017


The Caveman comes to town: An evening with the caveman

The Caveman - aka - Carl Rosier-JonesI refer not to Fred Flintstone – slightly regretfully – but to Carl Rosier-Jones, aka The Caveman.

Carl is the author of a little tome called ‘The Caveman Principles’ .  You can find out a whole bunch more about that here on his website:

But the purpose of this post listeners is to mention a show Carl’s putting on centred around the message of his book.

The show is being staged at The Bohemian Balcony on WEDNESDAY the 8th MARCH Ticket price £6 – the brain behind which is Dan Rivers.

Dan recently won the pitch at Swindon Soup – more of that later.  I had a recent guest post on here about Bohemian Balcony which will tell you a little more about the place.

But back to our very own Neanderthal man: In his show, An Evening with the Caveman, Carl sets out to get you to understand relationships better and he shares his blueprint to create mammoth (his pun not mine – but I approve!) success in your own life. Read more about the show and book tickets here:

Carl is hugely excited to be doing this show so why don’t you pop along?

Here’s a snap of Carl giving a talk to Business Village about his Caveman principles.

The caveman presents at Business Village

Find Carl on Facebook here:

The Bohemian Balcony can be found at:

The Bohemian Balcony
The Palladium
Jennings Street
SN2 2BD – ‘“A place for innovative art to grow and inspiring imaginations to flow”

All that remains for me to say on this subject now is: Yabba dabba doo!

In the Soup

I mentioned Swindon Soup earlier:

I’ve been to almost every one of these events – I was at the last one when Dan Rivers pitched and won on behalf of Bohemian Balcony. I was pleased he won it as I felt he’d achieve a lot with the money he got.

‘Originating in Detroit, Swindon Soup is a crowd-funding event for community projects.’

When Soup first started in Swindon loads of people turned up. And that’s great – the more people go along then the more money the winning pitch gets.

The last couple or so though have not seen so many people there. I’m not entirely sure why but it’s a great shame.  Hence I’m giving it a mention again in this post to raise awareness of it.

As it says on their website:

‘The concept is simple, it’s a minimum of £5 to attend for everyone (you can donate more if you wish) and the purpose of the evening is watch around three people pitch an idea to improve their local community.

Once the ideas have been pitched everyone gets a bowl of soup to eat plus a chance to chat and mull over which pitch they want to vote for. When the votes have been counted the winner will receive all the cash raised on the night to go ahead and start their project.

This bi-monthly event aims to bring together people who share a desire for a better community. The added advantage is they also get to meet people and share ideas and resources. New connections are made and it brings the community closer together.’

And don’t want we all want a better community? So far I’ve seen a variety of groups benefit from the pot pf money the evening provides.  Dan Rivers and Bohemian Balcony being the latest.

So this is a plea to you all to check out the Swindon Soup website and their social media, see when it’s happening and go along to support and build YOUR community.


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