11th February 2017


Delicious Diwali Delights

Diwali swindon back entrance

Diwali swindon back entrance

Well listeners. It just goes to show. Y’never know what you might be missing.

For quite some time now, on my regular perambulations into town from home, I’ve  passed by this curry house but never given it any consideration – being in the ‘oh not another curry house’ mindset.

And there, no doub,t I would have stayed had it not been for my current house guest, Arun.

In conversation about curry houses in Swindon, Arun told me he’d been to Diwali a number of times and had enjoyed it greatly because it was authentic Indian food. I make that point because the vast majority of ‘Indian’ restaurants are actually run by people from Bangladesh. I hasten to add that there’s nothing wrong with Bangladeshi food – far from it. It’s just not Indian that’s all.

So last week I addressed my sorry lack of attention to Diwali and went along there with Arun, one of his work colleagues and his wife.

On their website it says: ‘Our British curry Award Winning Chefs work tirelessly with their skill and knowledge in the creation of the tastiest meals using the finest spices from around the world. We are dedicated to ensure that the food we serve you will be packed full of flavour and not fat.

Diwali offers not only the finest food but also an excellent service from our experienced and friendly members of staff.’

And I think I’d have to agree with all of that. The food was lovely and the service was indeed friendly and attentive. I definitely hope to return before too long. If nothing else it’ll be top take-away pick.

Diwali is on Faringdon Road – a bit before the Green Olive (another favourite) and after La Carbonara on Westcott Road/Place – making that stretch of road something of a gastronomic pleasure strip.





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