6th February 2017


Swindon Town Team: partnership project

Town centre regeneration

No listeners – it’s nothing to do with the football team! Let’s get that one out of the way for a start.

While there’s no denying that there’s some rum stuff going on in Swindon – thinking of the Health Hydro, 1-3 Faringdon Road and more – there’s also some good stuff going too. Reasons to be cheerful I feel.

I recently wrote about the Switch on to Swindon event/project. If you missed it there’s a post about it here: https://swindonian.me/2017/01/25/switch-on-to-swindon/

Then there’s the ‘Swindon Town Team’. I met recently with Iain Nicholson to find out a little ore about this initiative. His contact details are below if you’re a business with potential interest in a town centre unit.  But first here’s a few words from Iain giving a wee bit of background to the Swindon Town Team project:

“Following a scoping exercise in the Summer of 2016, my colleague Neil Wild and I are underway on a Swindon Town Team project focused on attracting businesses to take on available units in Swindon Town Centre. This is a partnership project with Forward Swindon Ltd, the BIDCo in Swindon and Swindon Borough Council.

Our current focus is twofold: working with landlords and agents to overcome barriers to units being let, and seeking out and working with businesses – especially independents – who would like a town centre unit, including making available short term let opportunities where possible.”

How much is that doggy in the window?

But while all that is going on there’s potential for showing your wares in empty shop windows:

‘Based on successful projects in other towns, we are in conversation with agents for a number of the Swindon town centre empty units to explore the possibility of making use of the window where it looks like the search for an occupier may be a longer one.

In our other project we asked local independent businesses and community organisations to put up a window display for a period of weeks on a calendar basis.

If anyone is interested, do please get in touch with a brief bio of your business and what you would have in mind if we made one of the windows yours for a period.’

See below examples of such activity in Banbury.

I really hope something comes of all of this. Goodness only knows I’ve banged on long and hard on this blog about the benefits of shopping locally and supporting small businesses and all the rest of it.

A root round this Swindon in Business section on the blog will show just how much business energy there is here.

So let’s hope something wonderful comes from all this. Then maybe, just maybe, instead of virtual shops like the one below we have some ACTUAL bricks and mortar independent businesses breathing new life back into our wonderful town. 

Indeed there’s a green shoot of hope down towards Fleet Street already. The unit dressed as a Deli has been shown to a prospective business. There’s a long way to go but surely it’s encouraging that there’s interest in a long-empty unit?

virtual deli shop front swindon

Reasons to be cheerful? I think so!

Iain Nicholson

for Swindon Town Team 

  1. 07930 453883
  2. iain@prbi.co.uk
  1. 01869 350322
  2. 01295 817601

Flashop UK Ltd: The Innovation Centre, Mewburn Road, Banbury, Oxon OX16 9PA (Sat Nav OX16 9PG)

Forward Swindon on  Social media:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/swindonukcom

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2475201

BidCo in Swindon: http://www.swindontowncentre.co.uk/inswindon/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/inSwindon
Twitter: www.twitter.com/inSwindon