14th January 2017


Diana Dors gets a blue plaque

Diana Dors blue plaque

‘I’m the kind of girl that things naturally happen to. When they don’t, I give them a push’.

Well! It’s not every day you see a candy pink Cadillac in Old Town that’s for sure. How come? The occasion of the unveiling of a blue plaque to commemorate someone that surely must rank as Swindon’s most famous daughter? None other than Diana Dors!


And about time too I say. So all kudos and thanks to the good people of Swindon Heritage magazine for adding Diana to the growing number of blue plaques gracing Swindon’s walls. We’ve so far got Edith New, Swindon’s suffragette, and the Starr brothers – now Diana joins them. Read more about them here: http://www.swindonheritage.com/swindons-blue-plaques/

It’s really kinda odd. When I watched Diana Dors in films and TV when I was growing up who would’ve thought I’d end up living in the town that was her birthplace? I like that. I’ve always been something of a fan.

Dors was often given the epithet of the ‘British Marilyn Monroe’ – but I think that’s to do her an injustice. She was a fine actress who arguably never reached her full potential.

The plaque was unveiled by her son Jason Lake (from her final marriage to Alan Lake) and her granddaughter Ruby – who I fancy has a look of Diana about her.


Bust of Diana Dors

Bust of Diana Dors

Here’s the car that serves as a mytonomy, well a Thunderbird and Ford Mustang too I guess, of the American Dream that was so incongruously parked on a street in Old Town today. Isn’t it amazing? How wonderful must it have been to drive around in that in the Hollywood sunshine? So, so cool. I’m so jealous. I’d love a ride in such a car.

The car was a gift to Diana from Shepperton Studios. It used to bear the registration DD200. It’s now owned by Mendip Cars and is available for hire. https://www.rrelite.co.uk/cars/1959-pink-cadillac-convertible

And some film of the day from Tom Sykes of Solo 16: 


Thanks Tom for letting me share that.

See also: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-38622372



I’ve written on this blog already about the wonderful larger than life sculpture of the actress that Swindon is home to. See:

West Swindon sculpture walk – Part 1 – Diana Dors

And also:



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