4th December 2016


‘Today I went to a field in Wiltshire to witness the unveiling of a life-sized plaster elephant.’ A sentence I expected to utter never.

But life is full of surprises huh? So. We have an elephant. in Swindon – well Liddington. But that’s close enough for government work.  Sadly not called Nellie – what’s the world coming to? 😉

Created by yet another Swindonian – well Swindon area resident at least – that I’ve never heard of: David Lomax – this ‘ere elephant is the Hoarusib elephant bull.

Once you get over the incongruity of an elephant in Liddington it does, as you can see from the pictures below, look rather magnificent.  It was most splendid to see and I’m so glad I got the chance – via trunk call! (see what I did there?)

I do hope it’ll be warm enough. It was a tidy nippy in that there Coombe today. Thank goodness for the mulled wine and hot soup that’s what I say! A cold day it was but  it was sunny and bright so that was a big bonus for sure.  And what a great opportunity this was. Amazing.

A bit about the sculptor


‘David Lomax is married with four children and lives near Swindon in Wiltshire, U.K.

He was brought up in the horse racing world on a farm, and now works from Bishopstone, Wiltshire. Over the years his work has been quite varied in subject matter and in the use of materials.

Whether exploring the individuality of a particular animal in the portrait sculpture “Hoarusib Bull” or working more freely in “Plant Torso” , his work is underpinned by an interest in the continuities between species and an attempt to understand and celebrate the natural world.’

A bit about the elephant

The Hoarusib Elephant Bull

On Sunday 4 December Robert Buckland MP unveiled the Hoarusib Elephant Bull, a tour de force sculpted by the talented Swindon sculptor David Lomax.

David was commissioned in 1992 by the UK zoo owner John Aspinall to go to Namibia to observe and photograph this elephant, and then on return to the UK to sculpt a full-size portrait in the Pangolin Foundry in Gloucestershire.

The four ton sculpture was then cast in bronze, three copies of which were acquired by millionaire collectors in Los Angeles, Australia and Mexico. Imagine the logistics of the transport!

The elephant is now sited overlooking a green meadow in Swindon, where it gazes at a flock of Wiltshire sheep. (Goodness only knows what they make of it – ‘what the flock?! I shouldn’t wonder…)

The purpose of the event was to honour David Lomax the sculptor and to raise funds for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

A bit about David Shepherd

David Shepherd – artist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Shepherd_(artist)

‘Richard David Shepherd CBE FRSA FGRA (born 25 April 1931) is a British artist and one of the world’s most outspoken conservationists.[1]

He is most famous for his paintings of steam locomotives(he owns a number of them) and wildlife, although he also often paints aircraft, portraits (notably The Queen Mother) and landscapes.

His work has been extremely popular since the 1960s in limited edition print reproduction and poster form, as well as other media such as Wedgwood limited edition plates.

He has written five books about his art,[2] including an autobiography.’


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