20th November 2016


Sourcing Sunday Lunch

The Source Grill at the Swindon Marriott

Well now listeners. A good old-fashioned Sunday lunch is a rare treat for me. I’m not keen on cooking generally I won’t lie – and I’m even less keen on the clearing away part. And goodness knows cooking a roast seems to generate an awful lot of that. *Shudders*

SO, the opportunity to visit the Source Grill at the Swindon Marriott for Sunday lunch was greeted with enthusiasm. Particularly as the day in question was just a tad miserable weather wise. A hearty Sunday roast was definitely on the menu!

Marriott logo - the source grill at the swindon marriottWhere: The Swindon Marriott is on Piper’s Way on the edge of Swindon’s Old Town.  The hotel offers two dining options:

  • Chat’s Cafe bar. Open for lunch and dinner,  ‘Chat’s Café Bar provides a perfect spot for relaxing with friends or colleagues after a busy day in Swindon. Dine on gourmet sandwiches and delicious desserts, or surf the web using our free Wi-Fi access.’  
  • Source Grill. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner: ‘Discover the flavours of Europe right here in Swindon. Source Grill, our hotel restaurant, showcases cuisine from all over the world, as well as English classics. Pair your meal with a choice from our wine list, and be sure to visit us for Sunday lunch!’ 

The Source Grill menu: http://www.marriott.co.uk/hotelwebsites/us/s/swidt/swidt_pdf/Main_Menu_Swindon.pdf

The Source Grill wine list: http://www.marriott.co.uk/hotelwebsites/us/s/swidt/swidt_pdf/Source_Wine_Menu.pdf

Source Grill at Swindon Marriott

But it was to the Source Grill that I was headed with my companion for Sunday lunch.

We were given a super little table for two tucked away in a quiet corner. It was ideally placed in close proximity to the main event: the food – while being set back a little from the main restaurant area. So that was a good start.

The ‘set-up’ for Sunday lunch in the Source Grill is buffet with waiter service for drinks – it’s a nice mix if you don’t want to be too formal. That said, the service when you need it, is polite and solicitous and the right side of obsequious.

As I’ve already mentioned, I was set upon partaking of a roast dinner. But if Sunday roast doesn’t float your gravy boat there’s a good range of other choices available for the delectation of your taste buds.

While I opted for, and enjoyed, the pea and mint soup to start, my friend chose to sample some of the wide range of cold appetisers.  On the day we visited there was smoked salmon, mackerel and gambas for the fish lovers along with a selection of cold hams and meats – salami and the like with a range of salads. Alternative main courses on offer were chicken hotpot and a fish dish.

Getting a roasting

So, although my companion and moi enjoyed different starters we both went for the roast. On the day of our visit pork and beef was on the menu.

A good amount of each meat was duly carved and placed on our plates. We then proceeded to help ourselves to the various accoutrements. The Yorkshire puds were well risen and light. The roast spuds were fab: crispy and golden on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle. New potatoes were available too.

Roast dinner swindon marriott

When it comes to beef my personal taste is for it to be on the rare side. This wasn’t – but then it wasn’t rendered to an imitation of Ghandi’s sandals either. Far from it. Both meats were moist and tender in fact.

I was very pleased too by the vegetables. So, so, so often vegetables are done to death. The old joke about getting the sprouts on in September for the Christmas dinner is, it can seem sometimes, not tooooooooo far from the truth! But not the ones I ate there. Both the broccoli and carrots were fab and firm rather than super soggy. Good work Marriott!

One of the best things I think about a buffet situation is that you get lots of gravy. ‘Cos let’s face it   – there’s nothing worse than Yorkshire’s and roasties without oodles of gravy. And, just as there’s often soggy vegetables, it’s not uncommon in restaurants for there to never be enough gravy. I mean – what the Bisto?! So frankly I was loving the ‘help-yourself’ to oodles and ladles of gravy. And ditto with the horseradish sauce!

And all washed down with a bottle of an agreeably palatable Granfort Merlot.

Just desserts

Having waded our way through that little lot there was little room left for dessert. Here again there was a selection. My friend chose to valiantly tackle a rather tasty looking pear and sultana crumble. I’d still got red wine left in my glass, and I’m not a dessert lover, so I opted to partake of the cheese board.

So there you have it listeners. I have to be honest and say I’m not, as a rule, a fan of carvery eating. But this I thought was a good compromise between that and full à la carte or table d’hôte service.

Would I go again? If the opportunity arose – yes, most certainly. Gah – now I’m hungry again. Best go raid the fridge then.












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