12th November 2017

There are I know many of you out there that care about where you live. Many of you out there that care about Swindon.  So here’s an initiative from the national civic voice movement that gives you the opportunity to show why you care about where you live.

Download this sign from this link: http://civicvoice.org.uk/resources/i-care-about-where-i-liveI care about where I live civic voice

Read on to read about the Civic Day campaign.

Civic Day 2017 Launch Event

civic-voice-logoFrom the national Civic Voice Movement: http://www.civicvoice.org.uk/campaigns/civic-day/

Civic Day 2017 launch event – Why do you care about where you live?

This year we are planning to launch Civic Day in the Houses of Parliament with the help of Civic Day 2016 award winners and their local MPs. You too can get involved.

The week commencing 14th November, we are asking you the question ‘why do you care about where you live?’ 

Join in with the debate on Twitter @civic_voice using the #ICareAboutWhereILive #CivicDay and tell us why you care where you live. Remember pictures always make a story.

Tweet us with a picture of yourself holding our Civic Day sign which you can download and print off here: http://civicvoice.org.uk/resources/i-care-about-where-i-live

We are also asking you as part of Civic Voice Lobby Day on 18th November 2016 to ask your MP why do they care about where they live.

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See also: https://swindonian.me/2016/04/10/the-civic-society-movement-swindon/

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