20th October


Big fun in the Circus Funtasia Big Top

Okay. I’ll be honest here. Had someone suggested to me that we go to the circus, I would, in all honesty have been meh about it . At best. But then I was offered a couple of tickets so I had a look at their website and started, in the manner of Fagin, to review the situation.

So last night off I toddled with a friend and an open mind. And you know what? It was great! We had a ball!  So if you too are in the ‘meh’ camp I say to you ‘think again you doubting Thomas you’ 😉

From their website: 

‘We are an all human travelling circus featuring a dazzling assortment of acts that will both amaze and amuse. Our heated big top and grandstand seating makes our performance a far cry from circuses of yesteryear. Our action packed show has left happy crowds wherever we have been.

The show itself is a mixture of acrobatic, comedy and aerial feats. Professionally choreographed and with a great soundtrack Circus Funtasia will dazzle you with its performance values.’

And dazzled us, Circus Funtasia most certainly did!

We were dazzled by the lights as we approached the Big Top itself – I’ll admit to a thrill of excitement at seeing all the lights:


The show began at 7.30pm and, aside from a 15 minute interval, what followed was an hour and 45 minutes of almost non-stop energetic activity – and we were certainly dazzled by that.

There was slapstick, there was clowning – different to how you might imagine though. This clown was a bit of a Clark Kent lookalike.  But I’d say it was clowning nonetheless.

There was humour and there was pathos. There was farce and a Benny Hill style chase round the circus ring and a Tom & Jerry style chase between the ‘clown’ and the ‘security’ guy.

“There are girls in feathered costumes who spin at various heights, suspended by ribbons that they can manipulate. Marionettes that control their own strings.”  Erin Morgenstern

Acrobats circus funtasia

Yes there were acrobatics and jugglers juggling instruments of all sorts – some of them on fire.

It was a surprisingly enjoyable two of hours whirling and twirling and twisting and turning, burning and biking – yes bikes! And audience interaction and participation of course!

Applause circus funtasia

This is a great family event. Though there were certainly plenty of people there without children.

As we were leaving I overheard a younger audience member saying: That’s 3 circuses I’ve been to now and that was the best one.’ And I think listeners there’s no finer testimonial than that!

As it says on the website: ‘Whether you are 5 or 95 there is something for everyone at Circus Funtasia!’ And there absolutely is.

The circus is in town from now until the 30th of October. Show times are on their website.

There are two shows a day for you to choose from, do check the showtimes on this page and then call 0770 616 8507 to book your tickets.