3rd September 2016


A sample of Swindon Open Studios 2016

Hello listeners. For all sorts of reasons too tedious to go into here, my foray into this year’s open studios starts and ends with what you see here. But there’s lots more and there’s next weekend too. Find out more here: http://swindonopenstudios.yolasite.com

So, with no further ado, the first port of call was Artsite and the Postmodern and No 9 Theatre Square.

Artiste: https://artsite.ltd.uk

I was on a mission to collect a recently purchased artwork by Martin King:

SBC stencil by martin king

Here’s some of Martin’s other work in his studio:

Then I had a look at Paula Sullivan’s  mosaics – I LOVE her work:

Paula Sullivan mosaics

From there it was up to Old Town to visit David Bent’s studio: http://davidbentstudio.com

Then finally onto to Tim Carroll’s home. There was great excitement there as he’d filled an art box with stuff. I remember there being an art box in the arts centre back in the day and I loved it. Every time I was there I would put my £1 in and get some art in a box!

Because I’m an idiot I forgot to take a photo of it – so I’ve nicked this from Linda Kasmaty’s Twitter stream so I hope she doesn’t mind:

The art box

So my friend and I duly inserted our £1 coins to get some art. My friend went first and got a teeny picture of the Great Blondinis.  Great excitement at that. Then it was my turn. I had two goes and got two chickens! One on a magnet and one ceramic one. Now one chicken is fine but two…nah.

Seeing that yours truly was about to have a temper tantrum at getting two chickens when what she really wanted was The Great Blondinis Linda and Tim prudently took the second chicken off me and gave me a £1 coin to have another go. And – result – well I didn’t get the Blondinis but I DID get my other favourite thing: The David Murray John Tower. Well a picture of it. Not the actual tower cos that would be too big to get into an art box. #obvs.

So here’s the collection of stuff I came away from there with:



Tim Carroll info

Read here about my own Open Studios m microcosm in my home!


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