13th August 2016


Sending out an SOS

I’m sending out an SOS. Swindon Open Studios that is: https://www.facebook.com/SwindonOpenStudios/

Swindon Open Studios

Swindon Open Studios

Like so many things in Swindon, the super Open Studios ‘thing’ only appeared on my horizon in recent years. Before starting this blog, about 3 years ago now, I was in full time employment. So, as many of us do – I got up, went to work, came home, had my tea, got washed and went to bed. And repeated that for the next 17 years.

Ha! But now my eyes have been opened. Now Swindon is well and truly under my skin. Now I’m a tad more aware of just what how much goes in in this town where nothing happens. Allegedly.

And one of those things that goes on is Swindon Open Studios. Now in its umpteenth year (20 odd??) it gets bigger and better all the time. It hasn’t always been the case mind. Carole Bent tells of a year when only 3 artists – David Bent being one of them – took part to keep the concept going.

This year, 2016, there are 43 artists taking part. Yes – FORTY THREE. How amazing is that? The whole thing is a huge credit to Linda Kasmaty and her associates that get the thing organized. I can barely organize a meal out let alone an art event.

The artists cover just about every genre you can conceive and it’s definitely worth making the time to visit at least some of them.

Open Studios Microcosm

But looking around my own little house it occurs to me that I have my very own SOS here in my humble semi-detached abode. So here’s a tour round my home – apologies for the lousy pictures – and some of the SOS artists.

The numbers indicate their number on the SOS guide map.

Conservatory: Scattered around this room I have Tim Carroll (45) (, Lynette Thomas (o4), Paula Sullivan and postcards of Susan Carr/Terry Humphries. (39)


Sitting in the exalted company of a finger painting by my great-nephew Bosco, and drawing down by my then 7 yr old daughter we’ve got David Bent (42). Also in the lounge is Tim Carroll (45) and Caroline Day (35).

Kitchen:Lynette Thomas. No 04. The Beehive.

teapot with mosaic and darth vader on it

May be the force be with you!

Bedroom: Nathan Peglar. South M4 and David Bent. No 42: The Old Nursery, Marlborough Lane.

The Guest room: Ken White. No 40. 20 The Mall, Swindon and Lynette Thomas with her marvellous mosaic magic roundabout


Ken White


10 things to celebrate about Swindon. No 5: Ken White – Swindon’s mural man

David Bent



Nathan Peglar


Caroline Day


‘Old Town Gardens’ Art Work – Swindon’ – Living the dream

Lynette Thomas



Susan Carr and Terence Humphries



Tim Carroll


Caroline Day:





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