19th April 2016


Well I say part 1 – I’m not sure if I’ll get round anymore of it or, if I do, if I’ll have time to blog about. But in a spirit of hope if not expectation here we have:

Part 1: Swindon Dance, Artsite and the Central Library.

First stop for me on the Made in Swindon Art Trail was Swindon Dance. Read more about Swindon Dance themselves here: https://swindonian.me/2015/03/16/step-out-with-swindon-dance/

In the town hall, the home of Swindon Dance, is a collaborative project between David Bent and his Movement 2000 work (read more of that here: https://swindonian.me/2015/11/02/movement-2000-art-collection-seeks-home/) and Swindon’s Harbour Project. 

Moving, humbling and thought provoking. The pictures aren’t fab – sorry about that – go see them!

Next up was the Central Library to check out a display by an artist I’m not familiar with: Juliet Wood. Her display is called Brunel’s People 2 and I loved it.

Find out a little more about her here: http://www.julietwoodmorepaintings.co.uk/Juliet_Wood_more_paintings/Home.html

Juliet Wood Brunel's People

Juliet Wood Brunel’s People

From the Swindon 175 art trail website: Juliet Wood – ‘Alone and Together – Brunel’s People’

A selection from this series, with some new paintings and oil pastels. Apart from portraits, the figurative scenes I paint are invented from sketchbook drawings, inspired by human interaction and sheer force of life which I often find in Swindon, a favourite urban subject.”


My 3rd and final visit yesterday was to Artsite and the Post Modern – where there’s always something of interest.

Find out about Artsite and what they do here: https://artsite.ltd.uk and here: https://swindonian.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/artsite-and-the-post-modern-theatre-square/


From the Swindon 175 art trail website: Artsite – ‘Who do we think we are? – Postcards of Swindon’

“An exhibition of local artist’s responding to Swindon’s urban landscape. Artsite is a catalyst for the visual arts in Swindon. Providing affordable studios, exhibition and workshop space for artists and the community in Theatre Square.”

I lingered here for a chat with Vicky and Sally and was thrilled – if unsurprised in some ways – to hear that they’d been visited by a local councillor from the Forest of Dean area.  He’d heard of Artsite and the work they do and wanted to use it as a model for something in their own area. Surely if ever there was a case for the art work below that’s it?

applause stencil

I REALLY love this piece. If someone wants to buy it for me I wouldn’t say no. #justsaying

I was also rather taken with these – but you need to visit to seem them properly:

Swindon in 2041

Swindon in 2041

So that’s it – my roundup of my first visit to the Made in Swindon art trail. It’s only a flavour so go and get the full art feast yourself.


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