28th May 2016


Hello listeners – here we have some lovely information from Indu Sharma about SAPAC! Not so long back I put a post on here about the Swindon Indian Association so this a welcome addition to Born again Swindonian. Read about Swindon’s Indian Association here: https://swindonian.me/2016/03/16/swindon-indian-association/  There’s a link to their website at the bottom of the page.

Jai Ho!

SAPAC: South Asian Performing Arts Centre

SAPAC logo - South Asian Performing Arts Centre

“SAPAC of Swindon is the only diverse art organisation in Swindon and the surrounding area. It exists to bring dance and music from the South Asian sub- continent.

In 2009, three community associations, Hindu Samaj, Swindon Indian Association and Swindon Tamil associations realised that a partnership was needed  to offer multi cultural activities on a regular basis, so they got together to form SAPAC with a distinct aim to provide regular South Asian cultural programmes locally. Since the formation of SAPAC, the three associations have been working in partnership to offer joint cultural performances at a larger scale”.  Read more here: http://www.sapac.co.uk/about-sapac

SAPAC came to life in late 2009 when four large ethnic communities in Swindon decided to come together to promote music and dance from South Asian countries.

Membership of the centre is open to all and everyone in and around Swindon and Wiltshire, regardless of ethnicity and age. The Centre hosts performances from world class artists and is a hub of south Asian performing Arts in Swindon where people can regularly appreciate and participate in cultural diversity locally.

We invite international dancers and musicians to perform in Swindon. No need now to travel to London or Bristol to enjoy well known artists.

We arrange classical as well as contemporary dance and music programmes and if you want to learn, we arrange classes too.”

Upcoming Event

Our next event is on 2nd of July this year when internationally renowned  instrumentalists will play their music  which promises to be toe tapping and exciting music.

The programme will be at Phoenix Theatre in New College , Swindon. There will be Indian food on sale too, if you feel peckish.

Tickets are only £12 each and discounted rates for families of 4.

Please ring Indu Sharma on 07808648829 to book tickets.

For more information about the artists and programme, please visit SAPAC website at www.sapac.co.uk.

Swindon Indian Association: http://swindonindianassociation.org.uk

Swindon Tamil Association: http://swindontamils.tripod.com