Grow Bag day

10th May 2016


Incredible Edible Swindon Grow Bag day: Wednesday 18th May

The Answer Lies in the Soil!

‘In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.’ Margaret Atwood

If the above quotation resonates with you then read on! You might want get down and dirty with the lovely Incredible Edible Swindon team on Wednesday the 18th May at their grow bag day work party:!Growbag-Day-Work-Party/c1ela/57309fd40cf20c962d02e2d1

Actually it’s a half day work party!

green bag full of garden stuffWe’ll be filling and delivering growbags like the one in the photo on Wed 18th May at 9.30am, at the Central Community Centre in Emlyn Square, Swindon

This is a key part of the Three Sisters project, to provide growbags to 25 residents of the Railway Village so they can grow veg on their doorstep.(And we’re having a community cake day at 2pm on Saturday 21st to kick the project off – you’re invited to that too).

But before they can grow veg in their growbags, we’ve got to fill ’em and deliver ’em. 

So if you fancy a bit of helping out in the sunshine (how do they know??!! – they got insider information or what?) on Wed 18th, please come along at 9.30am till 1pm as we need every bit of help we can get.

Please wear your older clothes and stout footwear. If you own a shovel or spade, it’ll come in very handy.’

PS: The three sisters is the name of the three types of plant that they’ll be growing – sweetcorn, peas (or beans) and cucumbers (or courgettes)’

Read more about the 3 sisters project here:!the-three-sisters/sh1n8


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