Friday 15th April 2016

Another 6 Swindon-related songs & why you should listen/watch

Hello listeners!

Following on from an earlier post listing 5 Swindon related songs here’s another 6 Swindon-related songs.

No 1 and No 4 are previously unknown to me. Clearly this Swindon-related music malarkey could go on forever so enough has to be enough with two posts on the theme.

  1. To the moon ‘Robocop Spectrum 128K’. Why listen/watch? Because it was filmed at the marvellous Museum of Computing in Swindon that’s why! No 6 on my list of 10 things to celebrate about Swindon. I love this – I think it’s fab.

Thanks to Simon Webb – curator of the museum for bringing it to my attention.

2) The Moody Blues back in 1969 – Tuesday Afternoon. Why listen? Apparently it was written under a tree in Lydiard Park. So I’m told. 

3) Anything by Supertramp. Why? Because Rick Davies hails from Swindon! I’ve gone for the Logical Song because I remember it from my youth. Though I could just have easily gone for ‘Breakfast in America‘ for the same reason.  Written in 1979  by Rodger Hodgson and apparently before he’d met Rick Davies. Who’d have thought when I was listening to this record back in Derbyshire that I’d end up living in the home town of the band’s co-founder and blogging about him?

4) James Pettefar – Swindon Town Song. Why listen/watch? It’s about Swindon. #obvs

5) Had to be done I guess. Later to find bigger fame as Rose Tyler in Dr Who it’s Billie Piper.

From 2009 – Because we want to:

Another 6 Swindon-related songs – Billie Piper

And of course, I couldn’t finish this post without mention of this man:

6) Gilbert O’Sullivan. I was SUCH a fan when I was growing up. And yet another Swindonian. Well he was born in Ireland but came to Swindon when he was 7. So as good as. Gilbert – or Raymond as he’s actually called – went to St Joseph’s and then to Swindon Art College.

I’m just a little in awe. Why listen/watch? I just said!

Here he is as we first saw him in 1970 when I was all of 14 years old:

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