Gill Thomas and Contemporary Botanicals

Friday 8th April 2016


Hello lovely listeners

This here is a little post to showcase the art work of Gill Thomas – a lovely friend of mine. And an actual born-Swindonian to boot! She’s travelled the world a bit to live and work but is now happily settled back in West Swindon.

I actually first met Gill a couple of Christmases back when she had a stall at Freshbrook Church Christmas market selling cards and prints of her artwork. I bought a couple intending to send them but loved them so much I ended up keeping them.

But recently, thanks to the mystery and power of social media, we’ve got to know each better hence this post. Well – if you can’t write about your friends then what’s the point of owning a blog huh?

Here’s a brief bio of Gill in her own words: 

“Gill Thomas was born in the 20th century in Swindon.  An only child – bright, sporty, articulate and creative.  As an adult she was employed for many years in international marketing as a P.A. supporting those at the top of the totem pole in the UK, Dubai and the USA. 

As the years rolled by, the sporty side of her nature gave way to artistic pursuits which included writing and complex embroidery.  However, in 2004 a desire to paint “properly” overtook all else and she signed up for an evening class in watercolours.  The flood gates opened, a budding artist emerged and now all her spare time is spent on nurturing that talent.

Contemporary Botanicals is her “thing” – flowers, fruit and vegetables in classic pose but also with a modern, colourful twist.  In recent times, fur and feather have entered her life in the form of the quirky Just Animals series. These have been snapped up by a printing company and are available as greetings cards.  

Gill’s artwork now graces homes from Scotland to Cornwall and further still in California.  She paints in watercolours and acrylics, on paper, on canvas and most interestingly on vellum and these special pieces can last 1,000 years – antiques in the making. 

Commissions are very welcome – a phone call to Gill can be the start of creating something unique for your home.”

Contacting and commissioning Gill

If you want to contact Gill to ask about any of her art – as she says, she does take commissions –  her phone number is on her Facebook page see link below. She’s also recently started dabbling on the twitter sphere: @gillthom16

Gill’s Facebook page is called Contemporary Botanicals though she does do so much more than botanical paintings:

Here’s a small sample – I look the photos in the conservatory so there’s a bit of reflection on some of  them. Sorry about that.

However Gill’s Facebook page has a good selection of photos of her work so you can see how varied it is:

As you can see, even within her paintings of fruit and veg there are different styles. There are some that would be more suited to a country style kitchen and others that would work very well in a contemporary environment – kitchen or even restaurant.

And, if animals are your thing, Gill has some really quite delightful and fun animal paintings.

Gill’s website:

Additionally it’s possible to wear Gill’s art. Check this out:

Just one example can be seen on the right but there’s more on the website.Poppies on scarf

Contacting and commissioning Gill

If you want to contact Gill to ask about any of her art – she does take one commissions –  her phone number is on her Facebook page. She’s also recently started dabbling on the twitter sphere: @gillthom16


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