Incredible Edible Swindon: Sowing & Planting Party

Tuesday 5th April

Incredible Edible Swindon: Sowing & Planting Party – Saturday 9th April


The Incredible Edible network:

From its humble beginnings in 2007, Incredible Edible is now a real embodiment of ‘the power of small ideas’.

Hello listeners

Another quick shout-out for the lovely people at Incredible Edible Swindon and another ‘getting your hands dirty’ party. There’s not a glass of Champagne or a caviar topped blini in sight!  I don’t think they get the party thing myself. #justsaying  😉

My idea of gardening is snipping delicately at something with secateurs with a glass of something in my hand. It’s been put to me that I’m more a Margot Leadbetter while the Incredible Edible team are the Tom & Barbara of Swindon. I reckon that’s fair. 🙂

But if you do like ‘proper’ gardening then the lovely Incredible Edible people would love to see you – and there is tea and cake!

building and flower beds!9th-April-Sowing-Planting-Work-Party/c1ela/5703961e0cf2ecf50ee47a05

“You are welcome to come along. Not sown seeds before? It’s easy to do and you’ll soon be having a go in your own garden sowing swathes of colour.

Jobs we’ll be carrying out include:

 – Raised flower bed weeding/clearing

 – Teepee building (supports for the flowering climbers)

 – Outdoor sowing of flower seeds

 – Indoor sowing of seeds for the more tender plants

 – Filling and planting the herb beds

 – Most importantly (as always) – tea and cake
   Children are welcome too provided they look after their responsible grown-up. 

 Don’t forget to wear clothes suitable for gardening along with sturdy shoes or boots. Everything else will be provided.”

Find them on twitter at:  @EdibleSwindon

And Facebook:

From their website:

The Incredible Edible Network is now a UK-wide growing revolution which started in Todmorden.  Their aim was to increase the amount of food grown and eaten in their town, with the involvement of local businesses, schools, farmers and the community. 

Here in Swindon our aims are to provide the people of our town with access to locally produced, seasonal food grown in accordance with organic principles, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, ability, religion and political view.

We want to enhance Swindon’s public spaces by growing food and other edibles, whilst providing opportunites and empowering local people to grow their own food. 

At the same time we want educate the community about:

  • the importance of sourcing organic, local, seasonal food that is grown sustainably,  

  • healthy eating 

  • creating opportunites for people to learn how to cook local produce

 Finally we want to create new, and enhance existing links between individuals, community groups and businesses that are concerned with the future of food and growing in Swindon.


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