April 2016

5 Swindon-related songs - canvas bags saying I read a blog and I liked it

Hello listeners – time for some listening/watching:

Inspired by a post on Facebook by Swindon Web and starting with the video they posted, here’s 5 Swindon-related songs that feature or are related to Swindon in some way. Some of them world famous – one of them not. But all interesting for sure. Enjoy!

  1. Tears for Fears – The Way You Are. Why watch/listen? Some ace footage of the GWR Swindon Works – still working.

2) XTC – English Roundabout. Why watch/listen? Well aside from the fact that XTC hailed from Swindon this song was allegedly inspired by Swindon’s infamous Magic Roundabout  – though I’m not sure that’s true. Its other point of interest is that the album cover featured the Uffington White Horse.


3) XTC – The Meeting Place. Why watch/listen? At the song’s start you can briefly hear the GWR hooter. 

Also on XTChttps://swindonian.me/2013/10/19/-xtc-play-at-home-c4-1984-part-13-youtube/

4) Hitesh Mistry – Thunderstorm. Why watch/listen? Hitesh is a young Swindonian singer/songwriter talent. His family own and run the Eggelcious and E2 empire. And his video is shot all over Swindon so it’s good fun to see what you can spot.

And remember listeners: you saw him here first! 

5) Hitesh Mistry – Lose My Mind. Why watch/Listen? See above!

5 Swindon-related songs

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