Thar she blows: the GWR Hooter

26th March 2016

Swindon175Logo - The GWR Hooter Sounds Again

The GWR Hooter Sounds Again
Today has been a special day for Swindon. One that not even some pretty diabolical weather could dampen. Despite the howling wind and driving rain a large crowd stoically gathered outside Swindon’s STEAM museum for a long-awaited and much-vaunted moment.

For today, at 4.30pm outside STEAM museum, the replica hooter sounded to mark the 30th anniversary of the closure of the Swindon Works.

I very nearly didn’t bother to go and I got absolutely drenched. Oh how I suffer for this blog! 😉 But I had to be there fo the GWR Hooter Sounds Again event.

See the hooter:

Hear the hooter! 

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