25th February 2016

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Swindon Civic Voice & The Mechanics’ Trust


Right I’ve mentioned Swindon Civic Voice on this blog before in this post about the map/tour of New Swindon they produced: an explorer’s guide to New Swindon.

But I’m doing so again now in the light of various kerfuffles we have going on in Swindon at the moment. There’s the great Lydiard Park debacle and the great Tented Market debacle grumbling and groaning away as I bash at this keyboard!

Not to mention ongoing rumbles about the Mechanic’s Institute and even The Locarno or the Corn Exchange. Because I’m all over social media like a rash I ‘see’ and ‘hear’ mutterings and grumblings pretty often.

Now I’m not for a moment saying that folk don’t have good reason to mutter and moan. I simply want to point out that – should you feel you’d care to get involved in any way and put your money where your moans are ( as it were) there are organisations in Swindon that ARE working ‘behind the scenes’ to address and challenge planning issues and all manner of things. And would I’m sure love to hear from you should you feel you have a positive contribution to make in some way.

People of Swindon I present: Swindon Civic Voice and the Mechanics’ Institute Trust

Both are membership organisations and both welcome new members from you: the people of Swindon.

SCV and the MT live in the Milton Road Health Hydro which is the most amazing building. So help them out and you get to check that out!

The Mechanics’ Trusthttp://mechanics-trust.org.uk – Telephone: 01793 520592

mechanics logoA bit about the Mechanic’s Trust:

“The Mechanics’ Institution Trust is a charitable social enterprise, which operates as a Building Preservation Trust and Development Trust.  It aims to protect Swindon’s built heritage, provide facilities for social well-being, and develop people’s capacity to shape their own community.  They seek to work in partnership with local community and voluntary organisations, businesses and statutory bodies to facilitate a greater recognition of the vital role heritage and culture could play in Swindon.”

Swindon Civic Voice

SCV logo screen shotA bit more about Swindon Civic Voice and what they’ve been up to since 2002 as a Swindon organisation:

  • Holding conferences, consultations and courses on hot topics with members and others
  • Viewing and responding to planning applications
  • Researching issues and building up a useful reference library.

They’d love to do more – but need your help.  

Giving some help: “We are also always looking for people to help with events, phone research, paperwork and the many other tasks that Swindon Civic Voice undertakes.”

So if you think you can help in any way  or if you’d like to become a member of Swindon Civic Voice then here’s how:

It’s £5 per annum to join SCV. Y’can’t buy two large coffees from any of the well-known chains for that. And if you’re unemployed it’s only £2! Apply for membership here:


Membership forms for Swindon Civic Voice are available from the Central Library in Swindon or are downloadable from their website: http://www.swindoncivicvoice.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Civic-Voice-membership-form.pdf

Swindon Civic Voice: http://www.swindoncivicvoice.org.uk  (A registered charity)

T : 01793 520592
E : info@swindoncivicvoice.org.uk



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