The Greenhouse Kitchen

17th January 2015

screen shot from Greenhouse kitchen Caribbean restuarant

The Greenhouse Kitchen

Okay listeners, I’ve been trying to get round to writing this post for goodness only knows how long. It’s ridiculous. Anyway ….

“Betta belly buss dan good food waste”

Roughly translates as ‘it’s better to overeat than to waste great food.‘ And certainly when I visited the Greenhouse Kitchen I didn’t leave a scrap.


Tucked away on a corner of Eastcott Hill this is a ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it establishment’.

As soon as I saw the green door the first thing I though of was the song of that name. And for those of a certain age the song is not associated with Shakin’ Stevens! I remember the Frankie Vaughn version from the 1960s from I think – but it was written in 1956:

“Don’t know what they’re doin’ but they laugh a lot behind the green door
Wish they’d let me in so I could find out what’s behind the green door”

Well – what’s going on behind this green door is cooking up a Caribbean storm is what.

Now don’t visit this place expecting ambiance. Unless it’s changed since I visited back in November you won’t find any. Now I won’t lie – I like a bit of ambiance, a bit of hygge, and some dimmer lighting and a T-light on the tables wouldn’t come amiss.

However I will sacrifice that for tasty food. And at least there’s a fun and funky sun, sea and sand muriel on the wall (yes – I know it’s ‘mural’- okay?) to add a cheery note.

It would have been nice too if they were licensed – a can of Jamaican Red Stripe would have gone down a treat. Hopefully in the future.

All of that said, I enjoyed my goat curry no end! It was filling and tasty.

Judging by the number of people coming and going either eating in or collecting take-aways it’s certainly popular. It’s also very reasonably priced and is definitely worth a try.

I absolutely intend to make a return visit and try something else on the menu next time.


Meanwhile, here’s the 1956 version of ‘The Green Door’:

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