The Lydiard Park Debate – January 2016

13th January 2016

The Great Lydiard Park Debate

Screen shot protect Lydiard Park Facebook group

Simply for information: I was at the meeting/debate last night about Lydiard Park and House and recorded the first hour of it and Lord Joffe’s speech at the end. So links to those are below.

  1. The first hour of the Lydiard debate:


  2.  Lord Joffe’s closing speech: Lord Joffe speech

Then protect Lydiard Park Facebook group:

And here’s a link the the Swindon Link magazine coverage:

“More than six hundred residents attended a meeting on Tuesday 12 January to discuss the future of Lydiard House and Park, with the organisers calling for a three month delay in the process.

The heated debate was organised by the Friends of Lydiard Park, who are trying to safeguard the future of the council asset and want the delay for a staff community trust to have time to put together an effective bid.

The final speaker of the evening was Lord Joel Joffe of Liddington, who lives in Swindon, who was a member of Nelson Mandela’s defence team in the 1960s and later was instrumental in bringing Allied Dunbar, now Zurich, to Swindon.”

And the Swindon Advertiser’s:

 And via Index Wiltshire and Solo 16 – Lydiard from the air. It’s easy to see why it’s loved so much from this fantastic piece of footage:

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