25th October 2015


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Today saw the culmination of a series events organized by our splendid local historians, Frances Bevan et al in celebration of Edith New – Swindon’s very own suffragette.  Following talks and walks over the last few weeks, there was today a march through the streets of Old Town, with many of the marchers in fabulous costumes, rosettes pinned to chests and banners being waved.

The Swindon Advertiser have done a splendid job of writing it up here: http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/13894976.Modern_suffragettes_take_their_battle_to_the_streets/  so I need only to add a few words and a few photographs to record the day on Born again Swindonian.

Today’s march, in celebration and commemoration of Edith New, Swindon’s own suffragette was, I think, many things.

It was a fun event – though with a serious intent – that culminated with a rally at Radnor Street cemetery and a thought-provoking and powerful performance from the Sixth Sense theatre company. I was very nearly moved to tears – I won’t lie.

But it was also a reminder of how fortunate we in our world are – men as well as women – to have voting rights and the magnificent contribution the suffragettes made to bringing that about.

Additionally it was an acknowledgement and nod of support to all the women in the world who’ve yet to receive voting rights. I like to think that Edith would’ve been proud of everyone.

So a very huge vote of thanks to Frances Bevan of Swindon Heritage magazine and to everyone else that was involved. And I do feel a special mention is due to Julie Carter who does a sterling job serving up tea, coffee and cakes at every one of these events that I attend. Give that woman a medal. I mean it!


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