3 October 2015

Wibbly wobbly timey wimey happenings in Swindon

In a neat bit of symmetry Ken White, well known for his murals both here in Swindon, London and the world, has now become the subject of a mural down on Cambria Bridge.

Even more apt is the fact that there used to be a very different mural on Cambria Bridge painted by Ken himself – photo taken from Ken’s Facebook page with his permission:

Ken White orig cambria bridge mural

Ken White orig cambria bridge mural

Some photos of Ken’s mural on Cambria bridge and other places from the Swindon Local flickr collection: https://www.flickr.com/photos/swindonlocal/6963182216/in/album-72157626532266648/ 

As Swindon Link magazine explains: “The 200 foot artwork depicts key people, buildings and organisations, linked together by an old style police box at one end and the Dr Who Tardis at the other. It has been produced by local artists Ed Russell and James Habgood of The Visual Drop in collaboration with young people from ‘The Railway Kids’ youth club organised by the Mechanics’ Institution Trust, in partnership with Swindon Borough Council.”

Read also here: http://swindonlink.com/2015/10/the-story-behind-the-new-cambria-bridge-mural-2015-qr-background/

I LOVE the TARDIS – I really, WANT that on my garden wall. Notice how the chimney on a roof behind the TARDIS section looks like the light on top of the Police box.

The mural also features Edith New the Swindon campaigner for votes for women: “She is thought to be the basis of an amalgamation of several leading campaigners played by Helena Bonham Carter in the new film ‘Suffragette’ which will be in cinemas from 12 October. Her life was recently celebrated by Swindon Heritage Magazine and will be celebrated by workshops and a march by Swindon women re-enacting the Suffragette experience.”

Did I mention that I love the TARDIS?

More from Swindon Link: “Two key community arts organisations have been chosen for the wall: The Octobus Project, a mobile youth project which worked with thousands of people across Swindon over a period of 30 years, and Swindon Viewpoint, Britain’s original Community TV service which began broadcasting in 1973 and now offers its vast archive and contemporary material online.”

And this wonderful mural is not the only bit of street art down that area. I also snapped these bits of wonderment – I rather like the Mediterranean looking scene – nearly as much as I like that TARDIS …

What did sadden me though was to see that the friezes – albeit in need of restoration – on the old canal bridge down there have now been wiped out in favour of some soulless and pointless advertising. 🙁

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