February 2017


The fold out guide described in this post is now available in a larger format for £2. You can get them from:

a) The central library on Regent Circus

b) At Swindon Civic Voice events: http://www.swindoncivicvoice.org.uk/news/

To find out about joining Swindon Civic Voice go here: http://www.swindoncivicvoice.org.uk/membership-2/


Read a bit more about this interesting guide to new Swindon here:


September 2015

Swindon Civic Voice: Surprising Swindon

I recently came upon this ‘Explorer’s Guide’ to ‘New Swindon’ in the central library – only £1!

It made me smile that its creators, Swindon Civic Voice, named it ‘Surprising Swindon’ because I published a post on this blog with just that title back whenever it was. And they are right – Swindon IS surprising!

Anyway listeners, yet again I’m digressing so let’s get back to Swindon Civic Voice and their fab fold-out explorer’s guide.

As it says on the text on the back of the leaflet (see image below): ‘Swindon is the most surprising place in the south of England. Many people who have lived here for years have still not discovered its secrets…How can this be?’

And y’know what? They’re not wrong, I agree and I don’t know! What I do know is that I’ve spent over two years now banging away on this ‘ere blog to get across to anyone that’ll listen just what there is to be discovered in ‘Surprising Swindon’.

Past and Present Explorers’ guide: This fantastic fold out map is an explorer’s guide to New Swindon 1840-2015.  It explores the GWR village area and also follows a route through the modern Swindon centre. With ninety-six points of interest it starts and ends at Swindon railway station: ‘Swindon. This is Swindon.’ And on this YouTube clip you can just about catch those very words:

Swindon Civic Voice

Chaired by Martha Parry, SCV are twelve years old – who knew? I certainly didn’t – but happily I do now. From their website: ‘We encourage high standards of architecture and planning.  Whilst helping to shape the future, we also strive to protect and celebrate our valued heritage.’ An ethos to be valued and supported I feel.

There’s a page of links to other useful and interesting resources including Swindon Viewpoint which has featured on this blog more than once.

Interestingly there is a national civic voice organisation, about which I had no idea and there’s more of that here: http://www.civicvoice.org.uk And on that note the website has a downloadable PDF of the history of the civic society movement.

If you’re interested in being part of Swindon Civic Voice you can join them for only £5 per year or £2 per year if unwaged. The image on the far right above is the front cover of the membership application form.

As with the New Swindon map and guide, this leaflet is available in the central library at Regent Circus. Or visit this page: http://www.swindoncivicvoice.org.uk/membership-2/

Now, just for the sake of nostalgia, here’s some footage of the last train journey from Swindon station to Old Town.