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Body Mind Coaching: Posture. When we have an issue with our bodies pain is the last thing thing to appear and the first thing to disappear – thus tricking one into thinking that the problem – whatever it might be has gone away – and the chances are it really hasn’t.

Pain is such an uncomfortable feeling that even a tiny amount of it is enough to ruin every enjoyment.

Will Rogers (1879-1935) American humorist and actor.

Julie Nicholls, business owner and practitioner of Body Mind Coaching in Swindon is running monthly talks combined with practical demonstrations to illustrate her unique approach to pain and stress relief.

Since 1993 Julie has helped people like you and me to relax and feel well again from her Swindon practice. Trained in both conventional medicine (RGN) and complementary therapy, Julie provides care that covers physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Julie Nicholls testimonial
Julie Nicholls testimonial

Autumn Talks

If you’d like to know how to reduce pain, increase flexibility and not, as the quote above suggests, have every moment ruined by pain, then these FREE talks could well be of interest to you.

You can find dates and times of all the talks by visiting the events section of Julie’s website. And it’s quite the veritable treasure trove of information and resources.

The first autumn talk: 14th September 2015 – Neck, shoulders and posture

‘For most people tension is held in the shoulders and causes pain in the neck and headaches.  Many people stretch their arm forward to ease the tension yet this is the opposite of what you need to to solve shoulder pain and tension. 

At this talk you will discover how to ease tension and improve round shouldered posture easily and without going to the gym. You’ll learn some simple techniques you can use anywhere any time.

These free talks are designed to give you time to relax, reflect and give you some tools to reach your peak performance. If you benefit from them then a retiring donation would be appreciated.’

The talk will comprise a combination of demonstrations from Julie with an opportunity for you to practice the correct ways to relieve everyday tension & discomfort.

Consider this quotation from Robert J Wiersema:

“The trouble with chronic pain is that it is so easy to become accustomed to it, both mentally and physically. At first it’s absolutely agonizing; it’s the only thing you think about, like a rock in your shoe that rubs your foot raw with every step. Then the constant rubbing, the pain and the limp all become part of the status quo, the occasional stabbing pain just a reminder.  You are so set to endure, hunched against it – and when it starts to ease, you don’t really notice, until the absence washes over you like a balm.”

Julie is keen to stress that you don’t have to learn to live with these things. And that a solution can indeed be found. And it’s that belief that informs her treatment. 

So – do you want to know more? Here’s the when and where:

When & where
When & where

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